Monday, January 9, 2012

New (ish) Demons: Jape Squad

Jape Squad
Breakfast With… 
Spooky Records 

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The Jape Squad is a many-limbed group of jangly Aussie superhipsters (I think there’s like, 7 of ‘em, plus maybe a couple more who just shake tambourines and look cool)  who sprang to wobbly life in 2001, with the intent to out-drug the Spacemen 3. Or at least to play some truly druggy Spacemen 3 covers. Their signature sound is gospel-tinged, soulful garage rock n’ slop that mixes the junkie-glam bliss pop of West Coast superfreaks like Brian Jonestown Massacre and the Dandies with the acid-fried Velvets-isms of Jesus and Mary Chain and whatever you want to call that ethereal, proggy space cult ‘otherness’ of the Polyphonic Spree. That’s a lot of crazy-ass sounds to mush together, but the Squad o’ Japes manage to squeeze a very groovy sound out of all the loose-limbed hippy-punk weirdness. “Breakfast” is not the meal that’s brought to mind while this one shimmers away on the stereo, but since they don’t have a name for eating bowls full of puffy clouds and rays of sunshine yet, I guess it’ll have to do.

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Yeah, I know. Best I could do.

- Ken 

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