Thursday, January 5, 2012

Gunslingers: Manifesto Zero


Manifest Zero

World In Sound Records

Imagine if the British blues boom never happened in the late 60’s (a concept that Ken and I seem to be obsessed with). Everything else the same: The Vietnam war, LSD, Eastern Religion, free sex, Andy Warhol, Nixion, Black Panthers, the Fillmore East and West, the whole cosmic egg scramble. Just no Eric Claption, instead Rockabilly was all the rage, Johnny Burnette is king. The kids aped Charlie Feathers and Hasil Adkins (this would happen in the late 70’s of course, but I’m talikin’ Sci-Fi here) and John Mayall started an Eddie Cochran tribute band, later on they traded in their leather jackets for beads and the evolution of rock continued on its natural crash course with oblivion. Flash! It’s 2012 (wow!) and the Gunslingers seem to be oscillating around this parallel universe of rock history. As if that’s the way it went down.

MANIFESTO ZERO, the follow up to the amazing NO INVENTION came out back in 2010, where was I, smoking grass in Malibu listening to James Gang records? Meanwhile somewhere in France a Texas chainsaw “massa-cree” was going down. Instead of chainsaws it’s guitars. This is what Tex Watson heard inside his mescaline-addled brain when he was chasing the farmers wife around with a carving knife. Dig it!


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