Friday, January 6, 2012

Hippie Death Goddess(es) of the Day

Joanna and Klara Soderberg are two teenage sisters from the burbs of Stockholm who craft swirly, woodsy folk-jams, dress up in hippie-chick rags and make Wicker Man-esque videos. It's acid folk without the acid, but twice the Swedish hippie chick.

They have a new album, Lion's Roar, out any day now. On vinyl! Sweet.

PS: If you have a little sister, she might also be into this band. They seem to have a pied piper effect on the kids. She could def do worse.

PPS:  the sisters are influenced primarily by Bright Eyes - which is still pretty good, for teenagers - but for street-cred sake, let's just say they are way into Susan Christie.

- Ken 

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