Friday, December 30, 2011

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Advanced Demonology Podcast Lesson 2

This month's lesson: Demons. And what better time than Christmas to play songs about Satan's gremlins? Christmas brings out the demons in everyone. Thusly, a night of demonic bellowing awaits you. But that's not all! We've also got long-forgotten acid-folkies, demented loner-rockers and psychedelic outsiders, groovy dollybirds and Detroit freakrockers, drug-damaged punks and mustache bandits playing flutes through giant stacks of Marshall Amps. All this and more in Lesson 2 of Advanced Demonology!

Download/stream/listen HERE

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Where Have All The Good Times Gone?

Hippie Death Goddess (of the day)

Shimmering, ghostly Italian beauty Silvia Dionisio acted in a pile of 70's Italosploitation flicks, including Andy Warhol's Dracula, The Young, the Evil and the Savage, and Holiday Hookers. In 1975, she married Ruggero Deodato (Cannibal Holocaust, House by the Edge of the Park), one of the most notorious filmmakers of the exploitation era. Sensing the 80's were not to her liking, she quit acting before they could get their dayglo grip on her. Silvia's last acting gig was a liquer ad directed by Fellini!

- Ken

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Demons - Bell Witch

Syrupy, cinematic doom-rock from the witch-infested forests of Washington.

Turn it up, guzzle some cough syrup, and you'll forget it was every Tuesday in the first place.

- Ken

Monday, December 19, 2011

Nixon Now

Altamont Express (2005)

Hamburg's shame Nixon Now were like a speed king iron biker Spacemen 3, drug fueled droners that amp up their heavy lidded groove with enough murder city pyrotechnics that you can't help but to see stars and fall down dizzy when the Express comes thundering your way. A big part of Nixon Now's global domination scheme was their snake hips tambourine n' cowbell shake appeal, and it's in full effect on ANE, rivaling even the Thee Hypnotics for that low down Detroit rubber-legs action, and this entire album is a heaving, dripping mess of sexy slither and flying fuzz grenades that doesn't let up until the last mind's been thoroughly blown.

Where are they now? The world clearly wasn't ready for this in '05, but everything's so fucked at this point that I'm pretty sure German blow-out rock is gonna be the new thing. Tell 'em to grease up those tambourines if you see 'em.

- Ken 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

New Demons: The Yankees Of Moor

The Yankees Of Moor

Fighting for the right to party. Belarus might be short on human rights, judging the book by the cover; there is no shortage of booze and beautiful woman in Minsk. The revolution goes down in one-room flats, presumably hiding from the not so secret police.

If Rock ‘n Roll is illegal in Belarus than these guys are public enemy #1. Soul riffs hurled through fuzz, Q65 Euro creep swagger, death from within, all that shit rules. They want to be free to ride without being hassled by the man and they want to get loaded. Nothing sounds derived from anything other than the demon itself, it’s all full speed ahead, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and it's only political because it has to be, not because the Yankees want it that way.

Download the record for free and spread the word. They might be the greatest band in the not so free world. We take the right to nihilism for granted here in the states. No sleep till Minsk!

The Dead Brothers

Day of the Dead (2002)

The Dead Brothers are a funeral orchestra, consisting of banjo, tuba, guitar, accordion, two jugs of moonshine (one empty, one getting there), a drum, and possibly a few kneecaps and thigh-bones. "Day of the Dead' was recorded, amongst other weird places, in a haunted TV studio in Zurich. The songs range from a squashed up, corrosive, chicken clucking version of the Cramps' "Human Fly" to traditional French folk ballads and ancient American blues, all of it either directly related to death and dying, or just sounding that way. And it's amazing, ghoulish and funny, and like nothing you've ever heard before, unless you've been to a lot of funerals in Switzerland. Highlights-or lowlights, deadlights, whatever you want to call them- include the lurching suicidal French Cabaret of "Entre Chien Et Loup" ("Between Dog and Wolf"), which sounds like the kind of thing Jim Thirwell would write, if he were 150 years old; the entirely creepy boogieman ballad, "Closer to You"; and the rootsy, banjo driven swamp killer anthem, "Things You Hide", an obvious choice for Nick Cave's next round of murder ballads. My personal favorite, though, has got to be "The Angel of Death", quite possibly the most inappropriate, psychopathic lullaby you'll ever hear. Forget death metal and horror punk- for truly perverse musical morbidity, the Dead Brothers are the real underground. Pun intended.  

- Ken 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Demons: Ice Dragon

One: They're called Ice Dragon.
Two: Singer wears skull face paint. 
Three: Sabbath!

Let's do this.

Check 'em out at their Bandcamp page!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

15 days until Lesson 2!

On Christmas Day, we will unloose Lesson 2 of the Advanced Demonology podcast! Four hours of acid folkies, demented loner-rockers, psychedelic outsiders, groovy dollybirds, Detroit freak rockers, and demonic bellowers galore!

It's gonna be nuts. Be here on Xmas day for all the magickal conjurings you can handle. Swilson and I are bashing out the details as we speak. So far it sounds like this:

Gird your loins now!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Lonely Singing Doll

Holy smokes, do I love Twinkle.

A doe-eyed, bleach-blonde early 60's Brit warbler who specialized in seriously depressing songs about her imaginary (and often dead) ex-boyfriends, Twinkle subverted the chirpy dollybird image enjoyed by her peers (Lulu, Petula, Dusty), finding more in common, thematically, with death-song enthusiasts the Shangri-Las. Her biggest hit was one such bad-ender, 1964's motorcycle crash epic, "Terry". It's awesomely bleak, as is this endearingly low-rent live clip of her performing it.

Imagine if it really was about her boyfriend, who died in a fiery bike wreck, and she was forced to dredge up those memories every performance? What a nightmare. Anyway, Terry's just the tip of the iceberg. She's got a million of 'em. Do yourself a favor, pick up the definitive Twinkle collection, Golden Lights. It's the most fun you can have in the company of a teary-eyed adolescent*.

- Ken 

* I realize there's a joke there, but I'm not evil enough to tell it.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hippie Cult Leader (Of The Day): Pastor John Rydgren

Pastor John Rydgren was a Lutheran minister who was trying to reach the younger members of his flock, by speaking the language of the pepsi generation. Maybe he thought they were going to follow pied pipers like Tim Leary unless he freaked out the gospel a bit. He delivered the good news in a pimpish, sexy, deep throated, baritone on his show "Silhouette" broadcasted on New York City radio in the late 6o's.

Get hip to the church of the cooler jesus.

Dwonload a link at Mondo Diablo or WFMU's beware of Blog.


Monday, December 5, 2011

Hippie Death Goddess (of the Day)

American born Penelope Tree was one of the most prominent British "supermodels" of the 60's, bigger than Twiggy and much more emblematic of the counter-culture movement. Her London flat was ground zero for the glam-hippie crowd, a  decadent, celebrity-speckled oasis of weed-smoke, acid-rock, and mind expansion in an already zonked-out scene. Although largely forgotten by now, for a brief window in the mid 1960's, she was  the face of the turned-on and dropped-out.

By the mid 70's, she dropped out of favor among the taste-makers, and dedicated her life to various charities. That's not your  typical Hippie Death Goddess coda, but what the hell. That's the way it went.

- Ken 

Friday, December 2, 2011

New Demons: Hypatia Lake

Hypatia Lake

The Eclipse on the Horizon has the Wings of a Demon, Suicide (will not save you from this darkness that comes for us all). Driven by some inner mythology, Hypatia Lake are like Giles, Giles and Fripp descending into a Sabbath warping, fuzzed out, ampeg brain on drugs scramble. From the lyrics, it sounds like these 21st century schizoid men are legitimately excited about the end of the world. 2012 is right around the corner and there is only 100 copies of this record available, adorned in a very beautiful Hawkwind horror silk-screened cover, orange swirl vinyl. It would make a nice doomsday Christmas present for a loved one.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Proto Hippie Death Goddess (of the Day)

Zorita was a burlesque dancer from the 1930's. She had a taste for the ladies and a snake routine and she could make men walk into traffic if she wanted. And she sometimes took her snake out for a walk in the park. She basically invented goth girls.

- Ken