Saturday, February 23, 2013

Top 13 (of the Week)

Sure,you know what's cool. But do you know what's really fuckin' FAR OUT? That's where Advanced Demonology comes in. Every week, (K)en and (S)wilson trudge through the murky waters of the pop culture hellscape, dredging up sparkly morsels of wonder. These are the result of our latest foray into the world of the weird, our wildest, wiggest-out picks of the week. Call it our 13 Point Program.

13. Edie Sedgwick – a Documentary Film
More like a mini-doc, part of a Warhol show on PBS, but I've been trying to figure out Edie since Ian Astbury started howling about her in the 80's. This concise clip helps to explain her spooky allure. Now I get it! (K)

12. Tombstoned
So somehow it took till 2012 (the year the world was supposed to end) for a doom rock band to name themselves Tombstoned.  Had to happen, right? The results are pleasing, like a Norse viking Beach Boys cursing to Valhalla, with blood on their faces and severed heads in the trunk. (S)

11. Disco Spatial Quebec 1976- 1984
The excellent blog Psyquebelique posted an amazing self-curated compilation this week of French Canadian space disco from the mid 70's to the mid 80's. Space Disco is thought to mostly be the work if Italians, but as this comp proves, Canada pumped out more than its share of the stuff. In fact, according to the blog, Montreal was the second biggest disco production hotspot in the world, after NYC. Who knew? Anyway, strap on your jet pack and get down to these far out sounds! (K)

10. 10CC
 I'm digging deeper into these avant 70's pop-o-dytes. Pretty goddamn groovy if you ask me. Thanks to Seth the cyclopian drummer from the west coast Swilson band for hipping me to this awesome tune and getting me to listen to all the records of theirs I've been stockpiling, and baby I'm amazed. (S)

9. Cleveland's Screaming
I love documentaries about obscure music scenes. This one covers Cleveland's hardcore punk scene from 1981 to 1983. Featured bands include non-household names like Starvation Army, Urban Mutants, and Zero Defects. Who? Excactly. Awesome stuff with lots of heart amidst all the screaming and smashing of things. (K)

8. Last Summer
You owe yourself a nice bummer in the summer in the middle of winter. Don't ya? Last Summer is it.  Sporting itself as a coming of age film staring the now obscure Catharine Burns, who scored an academy award nomination, Bruce Davison, Barbara Hershey, and Richard "John Boy" Thomas, but ends in a way that a precious few of us has ever "came of age" by becoming out right criminals. This is a really well made movie unlike almost anything else I've ever seen and will give you the creeps. The soundtrack is really cool, with members of the Modern Folk Quartet and The Band. (S)

7. 42nd Street Grindhouse Footage
I've never seen no-budget 70's softcore roughie The Rogue, and I'm not sure it's necessary to see it. But this short comp of scenes is notable for the killer shots of the long-gone grindhouses on 42nd Street.  Sure, the streets are safer now, but seriously, don't use miss the grime? (K)

6. Love - Reel to Real
It's 1975 and Arthur Lee was pretty much a solo act at this point, running almost exclusively on the fumes of his late 60's legendary genius status. Having blown almost every post Forever Changes opportunity due to drug use and erratic behavior, he's given his last and best shot at the big leagues by RSO, who front Arthur 100 grand to make this awesome record. It's funky, it's soul, it's freaky as hell, and has almost nothing to do with Forever Changes. It's really a lost soul classic. Pun intended. Lee would get a tour opening for Eric Clapton and Lou Reed but he would blow that with bad behavior and flippant remarks about RSO head Robert Stigwood. Some people are their own worse enemies I guess, but give this one a chance it's really good. PS: I never heard this song before I wrote White Witch Black Witch. (S)

5. Roky Erickson and the Black Angels – Night of the Vampire
Holy fuck! Professionally shot full-show of Roky doing his thing in '08! Yeah! (K)

4. BBJr - How to Fuck All Your Co-workers in One Sitting
Captcha Records is on the forefront of beautiful weirdness. Here is a good one if your in the market for a noisy free for all, that has the hallmarks of  the 2010's overground: free jazz, digital hiss, lo-fidelity, minimalist blues, free folk and punk rock presentation. The kid is from the mid west, I don't know what he's got angst his co workers and it's too soon to tell if he's fucked them, but he may have made an enduring record in the process. (S)

3. Edgar Froese – Sobornost
Tangerine Dreamer in his backyard, wailing on his scary synths for a German TV show. How can you be so nerdy and so cool at that same time? (K)

2. Buffalo Tooth
Are they a combination of the Australian rape rock of Buffalo and the bummer blues of Spooky Tooth? Maybe?  Hailing a from the  fuzz pedal flats of San Francisco,this pure stone groove. Reminds of something but what is it? Oh wait I remember now….drugs. (S)

1. Circuit Rider
Completely fucked-up, blown-out biker psych nightmare from Connecticut circa 1980. There's a certain group of folks who think this album is proof that Jim Morrison faked his own death. What it really proves is that Connecticut was full of dangerous acid-heads in 1980. (K)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Worrisome Wednesday Jam

Der Blutharsh and the Infinite Church of the Leading Hand.
Belligerent Austrian doom-psych. Will make you wanna hide in a closet.
From their new album, The Beginning of the End

Let's writhe! (K)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Top 13 (of the Week)

Sure,you know what's cool. But do you know what's really fuckin' FAR OUT? That's where Advanced Demonology comes in. Every week, (K)en and (S)wilson trudge through the murky waters of the pop culture hellscape, dredging up sparkly morsels of wonder. These are the result of our latest foray into the world of the weird, our wildest, wiggest-out picks of the week. Call it our 13 Point Program.
13. I am Divine
New doc about how a chubby misfit from Baltimore became the greatest drag-queen movie star/disco singer of all time. There’s no way this can be anything but awesome.(K)

12. Keith Jarrett - Koln Concert
I was talking to an older head the other day about Jazz records and he mentioned Keith Jarrett.I always thought Keith was cool because he plays on some of my favorite Miles Davis Records. But I never heard the Koln Concert before. "Oh man, I got laid so many times back in the 70's because of that record. It hypnotizes chicks". Well, needless to say I had to run out and buy it. (S)

11. Earthen Grave – Blood Drunk
Bass player for Chicago doom legends Trouble formed this chugging, grungy doom n’ roll outfit with a violin player(!). Their debut is a killer, but this song is a standout. A tale of misery and murder, Blood Drunk’s tone is so dismal and hopeless that you’ll need to gulp down a fistful of happy pills when it’s over. Nice to know Chicago’s still gloomy after all these years. (K)

10. Neil Merryweather - Space Rangers
This is sorta like a re-post because Ken and I constantly yap about how much we love Neil and we play him on our show all the time. I just scored a copy of his 1974 "master peace" Space Rangers on vinyl! You should too! (S)
9. Blue Beat in My Soul Blog
If you’re in the mood for some funky stuff, the always excellent 60’s/70’s album-share blog Blue Beat for My Soul has been posting some impossibly funky soundtracks to 70’s violent cop/giallo flicks and they are amazing.  Pop one on, throw on your favorite polyester turtleneck, and go chase down some hoods in your 68 Chevy! (K)

8. Lynyrd Skynyrd - Old Grey WhistleTest
I know many of you Advanced Demonologists aren't into these guys, but I am. They are an incredible mix of lot's of things I love like country music, Cream inspired heavy rock, hippiedom and total redneck swagger.  These beatniks grew up in northern Florida and trust me they are the most avant, progressive thing to come out of that neck of the woods ever. If you had long hair in the 60's where they lived, you better be able to use your fists. This is them in their prime, and speaking of swagger, you'll see what I'm talkin' about.  (S)

7. Turnaround
A short but fun doc about why everybody wants to listen to vinyl records again. Spoiler alert: because they’re fucking awesome. (K)

6. Fraction - Moon Blood
I have no fucking clue. Somebody described this Lp as the album the Doors wished they made. Well I doubt that highly, but it's definitely the album Swilson wished he made. The cry of "Sky High" seems genuine, immediate, maybe even urgent. Somebody call the paramedics! I think the lead singer most likely cut his vocal track pinned to ceiling of the studio on a neon crucifix. Just a guess.  (S)

5. John Campbell
My favorite bluesman was a one-eyed, motorcycle riding Frankenstein who died at age 41. John Campbell was a blues guitarist from Louisiana who began playing professionally at age 13.  He was a fast-living dude who got into a horrific car wreck while drag racing as a teenager. The accident took his right eye and left him horribly disfigured. He face had to be reconstructed. Took 5,000 stitches to put it back together. Still, he carried on. In 1991, he put out the incredible One Believer album, perhaps the darkest authentic blues record ever made. He also got married that year. The president of the local Hell’s Angels club was his best man. Dr. John performed the service. More demons were unleashed on his follow-up album, 1993’s Howling Mercy. Campbell died of a heart attack a few months later. Nobody knew the blues like this dude did. Check out his albums sometime; you can actually smell the fires of hell when he plays. (K)

4. Bulldozer - The Final Speration
The follow up to the mighty Days Of Wrath. An Italian celebration of all things Venom. Great record cover! Very Italian! And some great advice to boot…..never relax. (S)

3. The Devil
Mysterious UK metal band that wear masks and hoods and tie every conspiracy theory you can think of into one giant ball of fear and paranoia. Are they a nefarious cult? Evil pranksters? Is it actually Satan himself freaking out the squares? Only the dudes (?) under the red robes know for sure. (K)

2. Hot Tracks
Long-running public access show featuring two dudes talking about music. Sorta. This is amazing middle-American endtimes couch of woe stuff, awful-but-awesome and hard to look away from. A documentary (!) is in the works!(K)

1. Swilson - Cool Skull - Official Video
Here is the official video for the song you can't stop rocking. (S)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Advanced Demonology Podcast Lesson 13: Nightsongs

This month on the Advanced Demonology podcast, Ken and Swilson take you on a dusk-til-dawn ripride through the inky blackness of night. Nightsongs by the Nightpeople! Bring a candle, it's gonna get dark!

Listen/Download HERE! 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Top 13 (of The Week)

Sure,you know what's cool. But do you know what's really fuckin' FAR OUT? That's where Advanced Demonology takes over. Every week, (K)en and (S)wilson trudge through the murky waters of the pop culture hellscape, dredging up sparkly morsels of wonder. These are the result of our latest foray into the world of the weird, our wildest, wiggest-out picks of the week. Call it our 13 Point Program.

13. Alan Davey - Captured Rotation
This is the 1996 solo record from 80's era Hawkwind bassist. He's a monster player and this collection is mostly monstrous rocket fueled instrumental tracks with a guest vocal on two tracks by that crazy motherfucker Ron Tree. I saw Tree perform with Hawkweed circa '96 and I was blown away by his snarling Johnny Rotten delivery and the fact that he was half naked with his whole body painted red and giant electric glowing devil horns on his head. Alan Davey is a disciple of Lemmy just the same as me and Ken and you are too.  Space is the place!  (S)

12. Koncz Zsuzsa
Konzy (as I like to call her) was basically the France Gall of Hungary. Hungarian Ye Ye is where it's at, man. Apparently she took on The Man shortly after her dollybird phase, and became a protest singer, which is not an easy gig when you live so close to a gulag. Anyway, everybody sing along! (K)

11. James Luther Dickinson - Dixie Fried
Pure memphis swagger! James is a heavy hitter from Tennessee. His street cred is undeniable. He played piano on Wild Horses by the Stones, and on Teenage Head by the Flamin' Groovies. He produced records for Big Star, The Replacements, Tav Falco, Screamin' Jay Hawkins and Mudhoney. What are you waiting for?  (S)

10. Inner Tubes
I don't know exactly what the fuck is going on here, why any of this is happening, or if there's a bigger point to it or what, but the takeaway is, Gary Busey explains how to have sex with an inner tube in this video. You know, in case that's something you were pondering. It's good to know your options.(K)

9. Pressurehed
 Did I post this already? If so…sorry brother. If not, check it out. A space rock band from L.A. same mid 90's era as the Davey record. I saw these guys perform a bunch. To me they were the ultimate cosmonaut rock band of the 90's. They even backed up Nik Turner! Brainstorm here I go!!!!   (S)

8. Curtains!
Awesomely creepy new band that's half Chrome circa '78, half Alice Cooper Band circa '69. Just a total depraved lo-fi nightmare, really. Their album, Deep in Night City, is out now. (K)

7. The Deviants - Disposable
All you Demonologists know who the Deviants are and I ain't ganna waste your time. If ya don't know about 'em, listen to Disposable. It's anything but and has been on captured rotation here at Orgonon all week long.   (S)

6. The Source documentary
Holy smokes! In the California episode of the Advanced Demonology podcast, Swilson introduced everyone to Father Yod, the gentle psychedelic guru who not only led the prolific acid rock band Ya Ho Wha 13, but also sheparded the Source commune, one of the more benign 70's freakout cults. Drag City (home of Neil Hamburger!) has produced a documentary about Yod and his trippy family, and it looks amazing! (K)

5. Forever Changes: Arthur Lee And The Book Of Love by John Einarson
Great book! If your as obsessed with Love and Arthur Lee as I am this is the one to read. Meticulously researched and includes long monologues from Lee himself. Does a great job in separating fact from fiction and believe you me there was a ton of lore about Love. In a way it's kind of bummer in the summer to find out that some of the crazier shit about them isn't true. I won't give it anything away here.  (S)

4. Injun Joe – Indian Priest
A total obscurity from 1970, this is one of the greatest, eeriest vintage psych tunes I've ever heard. The weird thing is, it's just a one-off single from a Belgian studio band. Accidental genius? (K)

3. The Devil's Blood
I don't how I missed all this? They are apparently pretty big. Metal Blade puts 'em out. They are Dutch and if you know anything about the Dutch you know that historically they excel at female fronted occult rock. I can't stop playing this Christ or Cocaine song. (S)

2. Pop-O-Pies
A early 80's San Francisco punk band had an unexpected local radio hit with this awesome cover of The Dead.   (S)

1. Satanic Doomadelica
The first unofficial Advanced Demonology CD compilation, curated by yours cruelly and featuring Swilson's smash hit Cool Skull, is available with the new issue of Metal Hammer. It's their “Occult Rock” special. Pick it up, rock out, and hail Satan. (K)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Top 13 (of the Week)

Sure,you know what's cool. But do you know what's really fuckin' FAR OUT? That's where Advanced Demonology comes in. Every week, (K)en and (S)wilson trudge through the murky waters of the pop culture hellscape, dredging up sparkly morsels of wonder. These are the result of our latest foray into the world of the weird, our wildest, wiggest-out picks of the week. Call it our 13 Point Program.

13. Rolla Olak
Canadian singer-songwriter who crafts some seriously affecting americana/country-soul/soft rock on his new album, Western Heart. Kinda like Tom Petty jamming with Neil Young at a party thrown by the Eagles in the desert in 1976. Plus he's got a cool name. (K)

12. SOUL!
The first in a series of one hour programs aired Thursday September 12th 1968 at 9pm on PBS. Soul! was a show aimed at the NYC metropolitan area's black community. The ultra-sharp but low-key Ellis Haizlip hosted a range of African American guests ranging from Betty Shabazz (Malcolm's widow) and James Baldwin to Ron O'Neal and James Earl Jones. Coupled with awesome musical guests from every facet of the 70's pantheon of great black music.  Sometimes they even had guest hosts like Curtis Mayfield and Jerry Butler! (S)

11. April & Nino
April Stevens is probably best known for her crazy-sexy 1959 non-hit Teach Me Tiger, which was banned from radio play for its suggestiveness. That va-va voom tune almost axed her career, but luckily she found success with her brother Nino a couple years later, when they recorded Deep Purple, a million-selling smash hit. While they never topped the charts again, they did have a solid run through the 60's and early 70's. This Bandstand clip features their signature song, Hey Baby. You already know it, even if you think you don't. It's from 1965. The part at the beginning when Nino yanks April's arm bugs me, but what are you gonna do? Sibling rivalry. Anyway, great tune, great lipsynch perf. April and Nino are both alive and well, by the way, and they've got the old timey windows 98 website to prove it! (K)

10. Bathory - The Return…(1985)
After taking Fenriz's class on the history of black metal last week, I thought I'd check out some bands he mentioned that I hadn't heard yet. He spent allot of time on the Swedish band Bathory. After listening to their second record, The Return…, I know why. It's fucking scary, man! I mean it actually scares me! Now I know the point of all extreme Metal is to scare the shit out of people, which throws me off, because In my mind, making any kind of music is about getting laid, no matter what it claims to be otherwise. I guess I assumed in my head, despite all the rhetoric to the contrary, Black Metal dudes where just trying to court creepy Nordic doomer chicks. But after hearing this I am now a true believer in true Black Metal! (S)

9. The Existential Dread of Wearecatfish t-shirts
Wearecatfish is just some dude/chick who creates t-shirt slogans and then hawks the tees via Zazzle, the cheapest, cheesiest t-shirt vendor going. I read through their entire selection yesterday and found myself laughing and wincing in equal measure. Imagine, strolling down the avenue on a bright summer day, wearing a pale blue t-shirt festooned with a message like,  “I ate something weird but I don't remember what it was I think a piece of metal” or “Everything tastes better when you're crying” or “You can fill your stomach with french fries but you're still empty as a person” or “What year is this” or “What do straight people even do”, or (my favorite) “I need to go and lay down on the nearest floor.” I'm pretty sure they're all just Youtube comments, but still, perfect for when you just wanna confound/bum out everybody in the neighborhood. There's 14 pages of these beauties, randomly priced (naturally), on their site. (K)

8. Midsummer Rock
Here it is folks! The entire broadcast! The rock festival made famous by the fact that there's a  sports announcer commenting on the all the rock action. Grand Funk Railroad, Alice Cooper, Mountain and The Stooges, Iggy with the peanut butter. (S)

7. Hansadutta Swami
So you know how most loner folk dudes are just terminally depressed shut-ins from California? Well, this guy sounds like that, but he's definitely cut from a different cloth. Hansadutta Swami was (is?) a German con-man (he used to claim he was Hitler's cook!) who converted to Krishna in the late 60's but still swilled vodka everyday and eventually went to India and assassinated a high-ranking Swami. And then, when he discovered a reporter was hot on his trail, he assassinated him, too. This is all while recording a couple albums' worth of wobbly outsider psych folk. It's also possible that none of this happened, except for the last part. Either way, holy fuck. (K)

6. New York Dolls - One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This (2006)
If you already checked this record out back when it came out and have an opinion on it already, move on to the next entry, But if, like me, you're a Dolls fan and were a afraid to listen this, I'm here to tell that it's a cool record.  I always thought the Dolls were like the Beatles, a sum of each part, and without one of the crucial members it isn't actually the Dolls, but that's not really the point, is it? I mean the other guys are dead for god's sake. So on to the music. The songs are really good, David Jo's voice has worn well, he sounds old, but in an old blues kind of way, he sounds the way he was trying to sound like back in the 70's, if that makes any sense.  Sylvain Sylvain is in there plugging away on guitars, so it's all good times. (S)

5. If It Aint' Stiff
Awesome BBC doc on the pioneering indie label Stiff Records, home of Elvis Costello, Ian Dury, Nick Lowe, Wreckless Eric, etc etc. I spent the summer of '78 walking around town wearing an “If aint' Stiff it ain't worth a fuck” pinned on my t-shirt everyday. I was 9. I did not get the joke, but I did dig the records. (K)

4. ABC Movie Of The Week
It's now becoming increasingly more possible to time travel, like the character in the book, Somewhere In Time, by just surrounding yourself completely with artifacts from whatever particular time period you want to go to. I've been traveling the last few days to 1972, and the fact that youtube has all the ABC movies of the week on there has made it simple and fun! Check out this weird one with Donna Mills. There is a million more "great" flicks, and I'll be posting some future gems from the past here as I catch 'em.  (S)

3. Vincebus Eruptum magazine
In an effort to reduce the clutter in my life, I've been trying to drastically cut down on the amount of magazines I read/collect. There are many plastic bins in my basement filled to the brim with mags covering  my 60's/70's chicks/movies/rock obsessions, and I'm trying to keep them down there until me and Swilson and our ladies retire someplace sunny in 25 years and then I'll read 'em all while listening to Jeremy Steig bootlegs until I die. That being said, who can resist Vincebus Eruptum, a full color Italian stoner/psych/space rock mag (in English), that comes with a bonus CD of obscure Italian psychedelia? Nobody, motherfucker, so plunk your 11 bucks down and be done with it. (K)

2. The California Shake
If you haven't checked out the California show on Advanced Demonology yet, do it! It's fantastic and I can't stop rocking this song that Ken brought to the table. I mean this is pure Proto-Nothing Metal (Heavy metal themed with lyrics and intention with out the heavy metal guitars and blast beats etc.) You better get up, and run for a doorway! (S)

1. Spanish New Wave
This week on the excellent Booze Tunes Blog, they've been posting volumes of a carefully curated comp series called Spanish New Wave The Golden Age 1978-1984. I think just knowing this exists is explanation enough for why it's here. Get to it, lots of amazing tunes most of us have never heard! (K)