Saturday, January 21, 2012

Advanced Demonology Podcast Lesson 3

This month's lesson: Winter. Here at Advanced Demonology East, we are balls-deep in snow, ice, freezing temperatures and darkness. It's a bizarre, awful, terrible way to live. Swilson got smart and moved to the West Coast. I am not that bright. I don't know what my problem is. And neither did a lot of tonight's performers, as you will soon hear. This episode, we present you with songs about winter, performed by a variety of artists from genes as far ranging as 80's acid punk to  60's soul. We've also got Mexican psychedelic rock, French femme-pop, dusty country, fragile folkies, and of course, all the proto-metal and occult rock you can handle as you favorite sorcerer-slash-broadcasters take you on yet another journey into the darkest corners of rock n' roll.

All this and more in Lesson 3 of Advanced Demonology!

Download/stream/listen HERE!

Stay warm (and evil) out there!


  1. Another great show, guys, but you gotta put a sadness warning out before you play the Townes; total soul crusher.

  2. Thanks! Next time we will be sure to keep a tighter sad-joy ratio.

    I mean not next time, next time's gonna be a massacre, but after that.