Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Monument - (ST) 1971 Zior's Revenge !!!!

In Lesson 1 of the Advanced Demonology podcast we introduced the class to a mysterious band calling themselves Zior. A boogie rock black mass of a record, adorned in a cover conceived by the great Marcus Keef. The man responsible for the bad trip inducing artwork on Black Sabbath's freshman freak out.

I dug around for a little info on Zior and didn't find out much, but what I did find out was that for some reason, maybe to out run a deal with the devil? They suspiciously changed there name to Monument, recorded and released a record the same year they released their self titled debut as Zior. Same band, all the same members, two different names, two different records, the same year. They might be the only band in history to do that, I don't know. Imagine the logistical problems of touring after making that move.

Monument is just as horrifying and heavy as Zior, maybe a bit more horrifying and heavy. Perhaps the deal with the devil was to put out two satanic records the same year to really inundate the 1971 youth with the bad news of the bible black? A real power play on the devil's part, but I think it might have contributed to Zior/Monument's musical obscurity.

You can get Monument and Zior at the wonderful Orexis Of Death !!!!

Stale Flesh!!!!