Friday, November 25, 2011

Mondo Hollywood (1967)

"Hollywood is super-real." 

Not sure how much of this head-spinning "Hollywood is fucked" doc from '67 is real (Swilson would know, he lives there), but there are some fairly insane bits here, most of them courtesy Valerie Porter, "Former B-actress" (one credit!) and sculptress, who bathes with underage girls and lives with an ex-silent film star with cake-y make-up. She's pretty amazing. Speaking of underage girls, there's also a fashion show featuring "topless" bathing suits for toddler girls (!). And speaking of topless, if this movie is any indication, every cocktail bar in Hollywood in the late 60's had an all-topless waitstaff. There's also movie stars (Jayne Mansfield! Ann Margret! Brigitte Bardot! Telly Savalas! Kate Jackson!), Hollywood weirdos (the seriously annoying Gypsy Boots, Rodney  Bingenheimer, some guy who dresses up like Dracula all the time, former Manson/Kenneth Anger associate Bobby Beausoleil), group LSD trips,delusional cross-dressers, snotty hair-dressers, acid rockers, hippie death goddesses, satanic rituals, freaky poolside dance parties, strippers, gratuitous ZappaThe Mugwumps, a seizure-inducing light show, and goofy/weird/alarming bullshit galore. Pretty amazing. X-Rated. Banned in France! Check it out, there's some amazing footage to delight any vintage pop-culture/mondo/occult/demonology enthusiasts. Free to watch on Youtube and Hulu.

- Ken 

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