Friday, November 4, 2011

Beat of the Earth - ST (1967)

This is an artistic statement. If you are looking for psychedelic music, don't buy this record. Unless you are looking for psychedelic music.” - Beat of the Earth cover blurb 

Yesterday I was at the drugstore, and there was a hot crazy girl in line. You don't see one of those everyday. She looked sort of like 10,000 Maniacs singer Natalie Merchant (young 80's version), and she was wearing a bright pink mini-dress. She was friendly and yammered at me about coupons while she made her purchases. She was buying a pink Snuggie and 17 boxes of garbage bags in various sizes, strengths, and designs. 

More importantly, her thighs were wrapped in black garbage bags, white plastic carry-out bags were taped around her feet and ankles, more trash bags were wrapped around her upper-arms, and her shiny brunette hair was held down with long strips of Scotch tape. 

She asked the clerk to punch in the numbers on her credit card, because she couldn't do them herself. Because they were wrapped up in clear Saran wrap. 

OCD is a hellavu disease. 

Anyway, she made me think of this record. Two side-length cuts, completely improvised.  Its got flute, its got bongos, its got drone-y gibberish, its got noodling acid-rock guitars. It's fucking crazy, but a warm, attractive sort-of crazy. Just like Garbage Bag Girl. If everybody in the Doors was as druggy as Morrison, they probably would have made this album. But they didn't. Beat of the Earth did. 

Unlike a lot of late 60's one-offs, Beat of the Earth had some history behind them, which you can read about at the Lama Workshop. You can also sample it Electric Kool-Aid Acid Stuffs. Or, you can just listen to it below. 

I suggest you wrap yourself tightly in plastic and take a groovy little trip with these long-lost freakers. 

- Ken McIntyre

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