Monday, November 14, 2011

Do What Thou Wilt :The Satanic Rites Of British Rock 1970 - 1974

Wow man, like the drummer can’t keep up cause he’s stoned on Mandrax and the guitar player can’t play a solo to save his life but he’s playing that thing like his life depended on it. The bass player is only in the band because he’s got a van and the singer is only the singer because he’s a loud-mouthed freak with wild hair and doesn’t get stage fright like the rest of us. I might be describing the Swilson band but I’m not, well not exactly, but a little.....

The grey sky, soot stained, post-Sabbath, pre-punk world of early 70’s England comes alive in this collection of acetates by heathen scum rockers that NOBODY has ever heard of until now, collected on the limited edition, vinyl only, hand painted cover: Do What Thou Wilt: The Satanic Rites Of British Rock: 1970-1974

Just when you think all “the van goghs” of rock ‘n roll have been exposed another petrified dinosaur turd is unearthed. Let your ears melt with wonder.

For fans of proto-punk, proto-metal, brain damage, polyester shirts, polyester pants, brown acid, boones farm, baked beans, the dole, the Irish Republican Army, cold water, no heat in the winter, unshaved beaver, and Grand Funk Railroad played on a fisher price record player just to annoy your Joan Baez loving older sister.

You can read all about it and get it on Fuzzywasabi


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