Sunday, April 21, 2013

Top 13 (Of The Week)

Sure,you know what's cool. But do you know what's really fuckin' FAR OUT? That's where Advanced Demonology takes over. Every week, (K)en and (S)wilson trudge through the murky waters of the pop culture hellscape, dredging up sparkly morsels of wonder. These are the result of our latest foray into the world of the weird, our wildest, wiggest-out picks of the week. Call it our 13 Point Program.

13. Motherslug
Who knew ten or fifteen years ago that 70's inspired rock ( I'm trying to avoid the words Doom or Stoner, but WTF, it's really hard to do) would become as common and as vast as teenage hardcore punk? With thousands of releases all over the world with such a subtle difference between the bands that it takes an expert ear to distinguish one from the other? Also who knew that it would become my "job" to dig through these bands?  Here's another one for the pile. All the hallmarks you come to expect are here. Except these guys are from Australia where they still know how to inject something called swagger into there music. So it stands out. Although the world has not been set on fire I find myself rocking the fuck out whenever these guys come up on captured rotation. Dig? Mother Slug. Far out. (S)

12. Send Back My Stamps
We are, crazily enough, in the midst of a xeroxed 'zine resurgence, which is awesome, but it's important to remember that, 20 -25 years ago, zines were THE ONLY WAY to know what the fuck was going on in rock n' roll, especially sub-genres like punk, goth, or metal. Send Back My Stamps is a blog that digitizes and posts copies of old metalzines from the 80's. Some of them, like Kick Ass, I read religiously, over and over. Nobody reads things even once anymore, never mind repeatedly. Those were the fuckin' days, man. (K)
11. Nick 3 AM
Nick Perry is a mad genus/genius who stays up every night, for no fuckin' money mind you (what's money?), and kicks out a psychedelic daily comic that's the best thing this side of the far side. He also was briefly a guitar player in the Swilson band before the cops broke up our last show and sent me packing back to Jersey. Get hip to Nick 3 A.M. (S)

10. Making Tracks: The Rise OF Blondie by Debbie Harry, Chris Stein & Victor Bockris
 I was 2 years old and saw Debbie Harry on television and told my mom I was going to "marry Blondie". I know, I know, "get in line, Swilson".  Blondie in their own words. This is an arousing book in many ways, loaded to the gills with photos,  Debbie looks hot in all of 'em, tons of great stuff about NYC in the coolest year in hell, and awesome stories about climbing the pop ladder to super stardom. (S)

9. Hank Wood and the Hammerheads - Hard on the Street 
I was reading the March issue of Maximum Rock N Roll this week, which has all their best-of 2012 lists, and pretty much everybody over there agreed that "Go Home" by Hank Wood and the Hammerheads was THE punk record of the year. Which, you know, in the spirit of punk, made me want to dismiss it outright. And to be honest, the mix of clanging proto-hardcore guitars, Flipper freakouts, and Farfisa organ is pretty goddamn grating. But this song is the balls. Have you been on the street, man? It's hard out there. Hank's right on that one. (K)

8. Purson - The Circle and The Blue Door
This comes out in March but it sounds promising. Released by Metal Blade of all people, who some how are putting out some trippy stuff these days. A british group that has a foot planted firmly in the way out fringes of the 60's with some serious modern day hippie death goddess fronting going on. (S)

7. Billy Idol interview
I like a lot of stuff about this 70's era interview with Billy, but I think my fave part is when the guys asks him, if he ever makes any money, what he plans on spending it on, and Billy says, "Drugs." A couple years later, he actually started making a lot of money. And he spent it all on drugs! True blue, that guy. (K)

6. Michael Jackson - Ben
The most beautiful song in the world for the weirdest movie in the world. This made me want to cry. The government should have protected Michael. From himself and our children......but protected him none the less. Like a national park or something. (S)

5. Jennifer
Saw this bizarre '78 Carrie rip-off this week, and I recommend it for two reasons: a great disco scene (with terrible disco clothes), and a totally what-the-fuck-is-happening finale with giant snake puppets. (K)

4. Shooting Guns
Most likely these Canadians didn't anticipate that  their band name would be so timely and political when they decided on it.  Satanic Psychedelic horror hammered rock with out vocals except what I like to call the "Drug Choir". Many a doomer could take a cue from these hockey players. If you don't have something truly wicked and weird to say best not say it at all. Speak with grooved orange tongue. Ya feel me?  (S)

3. Icon Gallery 
Seriously, when's the last time you heard an awesome Girlschool ripoff? (K)

2. The Vipers - Punkest Motherfucker Alive
The Vipers are a 'fake' punk band, the jokey alter-ego of a pretty lame Pittsburgh pop-punk band called Punchline. But if Scum of the Earth, Freestone, Christ Child or the Sniveling Shits have taught us anything, it's that fake punk is sometimes better than "real" punk. So fuck it, The Vipers are punkest motherfuckers I've heard all year! PS Swilson, we should totally do a "fake punk" episode of the podcast. That would be goodtimes. (K)

1. Pay TV Ad
We should have headed this warning years ago! Not for any reason but for the fact that we now watch scripted shows that pretend to be real and acted by non actors. Just saying….(S)

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  1. Purson, Shooting Guns, Icon Gallery - all awesome. (Also Death Rides a Horse from last week.) Where do you keep finding these bands?