Friday, April 26, 2013


Bubblegum Riot 
Rapid Pulse Records

The Humpers were the Beatles for people who spend half their life in prison. For most of the 90's, if you were in Hollywood and you wanted to piss your pants or puke on the guy in front of you while watching a rock band, The Humpers were that band. Pure rock n' roll mayhem. I always wanted to go to LA and hang out with them, but there's no way I could've handle it. I'd be dead before the weekend was out. I dunno what happened to 'em, I think they took a shot at fame and fortune somewhere along the way and they got big in Europe and then who knows what, probably some international intrigue and a pregnant Yugoslavian hooker or two, but eventually Humpers mainmen ScottDeluxeDrake and Jeff Fieldhouse ended up back in the gutters of LA, and here they are, fronting another supersonic balls-rock band with a name even ickier than The Humpers. And guess what? It's fucking rock solid. I dunno why it's called Bubblegum Riot, because it's all riot, no bubblegum. Six tracks, all of 'em a slug the guts. I especially dig the B-side, what with the furious riffola of Her Majesty's Ass and the manly swagger of The Chinese Twist, but it's not like the A-side if full of pussy rock, or nothin'. Killer EP, is what I'm saying. It'll probably change your life. It'll definitely make you wanna polish your shoes.  In summation: Scott Drake is like the fifth or 6th coolest motherfucker alive, now and forever, amen.

- Ken McIntyre

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