Monday, December 19, 2011

Nixon Now

Altamont Express (2005)

Hamburg's shame Nixon Now were like a speed king iron biker Spacemen 3, drug fueled droners that amp up their heavy lidded groove with enough murder city pyrotechnics that you can't help but to see stars and fall down dizzy when the Express comes thundering your way. A big part of Nixon Now's global domination scheme was their snake hips tambourine n' cowbell shake appeal, and it's in full effect on ANE, rivaling even the Thee Hypnotics for that low down Detroit rubber-legs action, and this entire album is a heaving, dripping mess of sexy slither and flying fuzz grenades that doesn't let up until the last mind's been thoroughly blown.

Where are they now? The world clearly wasn't ready for this in '05, but everything's so fucked at this point that I'm pretty sure German blow-out rock is gonna be the new thing. Tell 'em to grease up those tambourines if you see 'em.

- Ken 

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