Monday, December 5, 2011

Hippie Death Goddess (of the Day)

American born Penelope Tree was one of the most prominent British "supermodels" of the 60's, bigger than Twiggy and much more emblematic of the counter-culture movement. Her London flat was ground zero for the glam-hippie crowd, a  decadent, celebrity-speckled oasis of weed-smoke, acid-rock, and mind expansion in an already zonked-out scene. Although largely forgotten by now, for a brief window in the mid 1960's, she was  the face of the turned-on and dropped-out.

By the mid 70's, she dropped out of favor among the taste-makers, and dedicated her life to various charities. That's not your  typical Hippie Death Goddess coda, but what the hell. That's the way it went.

- Ken 

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