Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hippie Cult Leader (Of The Day): Pastor John Rydgren

Pastor John Rydgren was a Lutheran minister who was trying to reach the younger members of his flock, by speaking the language of the pepsi generation. Maybe he thought they were going to follow pied pipers like Tim Leary unless he freaked out the gospel a bit. He delivered the good news in a pimpish, sexy, deep throated, baritone on his show "Silhouette" broadcasted on New York City radio in the late 6o's.

Get hip to the church of the cooler jesus.

Dwonload a link at Mondo Diablo or WFMU's beware of Blog.


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  1. That's Brother John Rydgren, who was a DJ at WWTC, Minneapolis. He was also director of American Lutheran Church's film/radio/tv center located on Eustis Street in Saint Paul, Minnesota. He took a giant step and landed in New York City radio in the late 1960s.