Saturday, June 15, 2013

Top 13 (Of the Week)

Sure,you know what's cool. But do you know what's really fuckin' FAR OUT? That's where Advanced Demonology takes over. Every week, (K)en and (S)wilson trudge through the murky waters of the pop culture hellscape, dredging up sparkly morsels of wonder. These are the result of our latest foray into the world of the weird, our wildest, wiggest-out picks of the week. Call it our 13 Point Program.

13. Ladymen
Blown out high energy boogie from Guadalajara. They just dropped these two songs this month so hot tamales yes they're red hot! (S)

12. Sex Before Suicide zine
"Let's talk about what is really happening, which is nothing." Fuck man, nothing funnier than a pissed-off French punk rocker! Sex Before Suicide is a great punk/trashfilm zine from Paris, cut and pasted and xeroxed just like you remember 'em, with an emphasis on 80's deathtrip culture. There's an interview in number 3 with the maniac behind infamous 80's psychozine Singin' Dose Anti-Psychotic Blues! That blew me away. I used buy copies from that dude and he would ask me to send him my girlfriend's old shoes instead of money. I can't believe they haven't locked him up yet. Anyway, if you like weird movies and snotty rock n' roll, pick this up! (K)

11. White Mystery - Telepathic
Fear drenched freak out from a pair of red-headed siblings with the last name White. Vacillating between pure punk abandon  & pop-tastic songwriting. Songs about secret gardens, spiders, cats, Martians, telepathy and pacts with Satan. What's happening in the youth for nothing underground? Sounds like some witchy shit is going on. I like it! It's their 3rd record. so check the back catalog as well. (S)


10. Theater of Life
You know that guy from the commercials where he interviews the kids? What are those even advertising? Anyways, this is what that guy does when he's not counting all this TV commercial cash: sitting in a lawn chair at the beach with his buddy and goofin' on the rubes. I can't believe Swilson and I didn't think of this first. Well Swilson, we can always do the Jersey shore edition. Like a franchise. (K)


9. Human Eye - 4: Into the Unknown
Timmy Vulgar hits the charts again with his punk rock space ace attack. It's the fourth full length in ten years and every time a record comes out by these guys I think's it's their best yet.  Proving somehow in 2013 that Detroit is still Rock City. (S)

8. Demon Pact
Long-lost NWOBHM band who released their first single a couple months after Venom and somehow got lost in the Satanic shuffle. There's a couple singles and EP tracks around, but even hardcore fans of the era don't remember much about 'em. Luckily, all the stuff they did has been unearthed and compiled on the seminal Released From Hell album, which you are gonna want, because not only is this great, raw, barely-contained NWOBHM, the singer is clearly either goofing or insane. Either way, fun times. (K)

7. Room 237
Did you ever get really baked and watch The Shining? Room 237 is pretty much every conspiracy theory, hidden meaning or crack pot message anyone could ever deduct, be it stoned or sober, from one the best horror movies ever made. I take an agnostic view of just about everything, including reality itself, so I was able to enjoy this without going off the deep end. (S)

6. Teddy Boys documentary
There are couple times in my life where I attempted the Teddy Boy look (17 and 22), but I could never keep up with the hair regiment. Still, those fuckers had style. As this mini-doc points out, they were also racist thugs who paved the way for skinhead culture, but nobody's perfect. (K)

5. Foxfur
Speaking of conspiracy theories, hidden meanings and crack pots going off the deep end, The new Damon Packard movie is "out" on youtube. It's a lysergic trip into the modern day world of information overload. I'm not sure what the hell it's really about but Damon might be the closest thing we have to Kubrick in modern times. Pretty goddam amazing! (S)

4Alice cooper band in audio recording ballad of Dwight frye
Wow ! Neal Smith posted this cool clip of the band at a German TV studio rehearsing to perform Ballad of Dwight Frye! Amazing! (K)

3. Rama Amoeba
I don't know what the any of  their records sound like, I'm guessing like T. Rex clones,  but I caught these guys live two weeks ago at the Brighton Bar in Long Branch NJ, opening up for Walter Lure. They ruled!  It's a complete glam rock rip off but they're Japanese, so they get a free pass. Also they achieved, to my round eyes, total androgyny, which can be a good or bad thing in certain circumstances. but in Rock 'n Roll that's a good thing. Rebel Rules! (S)

2. Alice in Chains wastes the record company's money 
When I interviewed them a couple months ago, they told me about this. Basically, the label gave them a pile of cash to make an "electronic press kit" about their new album, but instead, they went full-tilt Andy Kaufman and invented a bunch of alter-egos that deride, villify, and call out Alice in Chains as hacks, lame-os, and rip-off artists. Really funny and nearly as punk as the French fanzine editor. (K)

1. Rat King - Godsend
Lock up your daughters, lock up your wife, lock up your back door  and run or your life. You know a band with a name like Rat King is destined make the Top 13. Pure creep fest from Newcastle.  Unadulterated raincoat pervert rock, slow, plodding, and manic. Maybe one of the weirdest, wildest things on the black market. (S)


  1. Custom toy company Retroband unveiled their latest product this morning - Creepshow Killer Roaches.

    I nearly bought some, but total cost came to $40.00 US, so common sense prevailed and I had to back off.

    Also from Retroband: the, uh, Creep from Night of the Creeps!