Saturday, June 1, 2013

Top 13 (of the Week)

Sure,you know what's cool. But do you know what's really fuckin' FAR OUT? That's where Advanced Demonology comes in. Every week, (K)en and (S)wilson trudge through the murky waters of the pop culture hellscape, dredging up sparkly morsels of wonder. These are the result of our latest foray into the world of the weird, our wildest, wiggest-out picks of the week. Call it our 13 Point Program.
13. SOV Horror Garbage
Back in the 80’s there was so much demand for new product on the shelves of video stores that backyard DIY “movie producers” started churning out next-to-no-budget camcorder gutspillers and foisting them on the public as legit flicks. That used to drive me nuts back then – imagine paying $4.00 to watch Cannibal Campout! – but these days, I can appreciate the lunatic enthusiasm and high-80’s fashions. THIS GUY has uploaded dozens of ‘em on his Youtube channel, so for a weekend of blinding VHS delirium, look no further. My personal fave? Try sitting through the awesomely terrible Dead Girls, a stalk n’ slash about an all-girl “hard rock” band getting menaced by a sadistic killer. Let the warm ketchup flow! (K)

  12. Judge Bitch - Viper
I don't know what distinguishes Judge Bitch's brand of 80's style drugged induced trance music from other drug induced 80's nostalgia but I think they really got the album cover right on this one. Too bad it's a digital album. Like if you drank a whole bottle of cough medicine and tried to watch a Miami Vice marathon.(S)

11. Brutus – Personal Riot
What the fuck, do they give out degrees in Rock N’ Roll Motherfuckery in Norway or something? Oslo just has to be wall-to-wall denim demons. They must run out of beer and Thin Lizzy records constantly. Anyway, Brutus is bad-ass, they sound like Sabotage-era Sabbath, and they’ve got a new record coming out. Here’s a taste. (K)

10. Tucky Buzzard
A friend of mine/mind in Malibu brought this band up to me and I forgot how much I liked them.  They were former members of the The End, who put out a masterpiece of psychedelia produced by, of all people, the anti-psych Bill Wyman. They some how released five record between 1969 and 1973 but were still doomed to obscurity. I don't know how this popularity contest works. If I did, Advanced Demonology would have a coffee table book out by now. (S)

9. Raging Slab documentary
Everybody seems to have forgotten these downtown boogie merchants, but for awhile there, they were the only ones keeping belt-buckle 70’s rock alive in the 80’s. Found this back-in-the-day doc on ‘em earlier this week, and its goodtimes. Bring back the Dynamite Monster Boogie show! (K)

8. Sweet Gravy
True outsider metal from the bay area ( I think?), where outsider metal became insider metal and back again. If White Boy and The Average Rat band were around Sweet Gravy would open for them or him or it or whatever….(S)

7. Fucked-up Austrian Performance Art
Otto Meuhl died this week. He was one of several deranged performance artists from Austria who mangled meat and covered their audiences in blood to make some kind of statements back in the 70's. I remember reading about them in Apocalypse Culture or somewhere back in the 80’s. I haven’t thought about them since then, because tossing around sheep intestines no longer make sense to me, but Flavorwire did  a cool write-up on that weird scene a couple days ago, and it’s worth a look. My fave of that bunch was Hermann Nitsch, who basically invented every black metal gimmick a dozen or so years ahead of the curve. (K)

6. Mayumi Kojima
Run don't walk over to the Bodega Pop blog and grab your self a raging slab of this groovy as hell Jap-Jazz-psych-beat. This might annoy me if I knew what she was saying but all I know is that It's got the word "poltergeist" in the title so I love it. (S)

5. The Sunshine is Too Long
Mystic Siva was a short-lived heavy psych band from Detroit who released one awesome headspinner of a record in ’70 and then imploded. The weather went haywire this week and summer exploded all over the east coast, so Swilson and I have been basking in the life-giving rays of the sun all week. So far it’s been great, but you know how it goes, we’ll be begging for relief by next Tuesday. Mystic Siva knows what we’re talking about. Lie down in the grass and listen to this as your brain boils into soup. (K)

4. Spirit - Live 1971
It has been a big week of blog pilfering by Swilson. This one comes from a spot I ain't never been to before until now called…dig this…Rare Music.  Spirit is maybe the most underrated band to come out of the 60's L.A. pantheon. Headed by the Jimi Hendrix taught guitarist Randy California and his bald headed step-father, Spirit made some of the most original sounding rock of all time. Here is a great document of all the lysergic intensity you could ever want or need. (S)

3. Puke - Back To the Stone Age
A mind bending hybrid of  punk & metal. If you slam danced to Iron Maiden's Killers inside a blown out squat in Sweden. Do people still call it slam dancing? I'm guessing Puke did. (S)

2. Hexvessel: Masks of the Universe
Hexvessel have a new EP out. You remember those guys? Dudes from Finland, playing psychedelic death-folk. They just released a new video. It’s  13 minutes long and it aims to blow your mind. And it will (K).

1. A Band Called Death
Seems kinda impossible, really: an all-black power-trio from Detroit playing proto-punk in 1974? But that’s what happened. This is their story. Far fuckin’ out, man. (K)

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  1. Roadtrip is coming to an end. Bought the novelization of Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives for $3.00.

    Had it when I was 14 so I just *had* to have it again.

    Nothing says 1986 quite like that, except maybe Alice Cooper's Constrictor.

    Sadly, I could've had In A Dark Place by Ray Garton for $5.00.
    NOW I'm reading online reviews like "scariest book ever!" and used copies online go for $40-$50!!!

    Oh well, maybe next time.