Saturday, March 23, 2013

Top 13 (Of The week)

Sure,you know what's cool. But do you know what's really fuckin' FAR OUT? That's where Advanced Demonology takes over. Every week, (K)en and (S)wilson trudge through the murky waters of the pop culture hellscape, dredging up sparkly morsels of wonder. These are the result of our latest foray into the world of the weird, our wildest, wiggest-out picks of the week. Call it our 13 Point Program.

13.Precious Metal: Decibel Presents The Stories Behind 25 Extreme Metal Masterpieces
Published back in 2009 I stumbled across a used copy online the other day for like 3 bucks.  Boy was it worth it! You get the inside scoop on some fantastic extreme metal records. All told in a first person interview style. Stories about some of my favorites like Sleep's Jerusalem  and Magnet's Dopes To Infinity had me nostalgic. Metal massives like At The Gates, Emperor,  Darkthrone, Sabbath, Kyuss, Obituary, and Entombed are all covered. If your not familiar with all the records, like I wasn't, this works as a must have list. My favorite part about the used copy I bought was that it belonged to some guy named Brian Trainauskas and on the Contents page after number 25, Converge's Jane Doe, He wrote in ball point, number 26: Divine Rite. Is that a band that he was in? Well I googled the guys name and I came up with a murderer in Illinois(S)

12. Valerie Harper Blogathon
You probably heard that the great Valerie Harper  - AKA America's
mid-70's TV sweetheart – recently announced her likely imminent demise
from this world. She vows to live until she's dead, which is not as
easy as it sounds, and we're all pullin' for her. In the meantime, our
pal Amanda By Night, editrix at the world-famour Made for TV Mayhem
Blog, has organized a week-long Valerie Harper blogathon, wherein
like-minded TV casualties wax rhapsodic about their fave Harper
memories, from Rhoda to trauma-inducing TV flick Don't Go to Sleep.
Awesome lady, awesome memories. Check it out. (K)

11. Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel
I don't know the first thing about this outfit but I just scored a 3 disc box set. I figured why not, that's a good way to get into a band. It seems at clear and present time, and I've only had the thing for a few hours, that this is some mad genius early 70's inventiveness that was probably too smart for 1974, it was certainly too smart for America in 1974. They also remind me a little of 10cc meets Mott The Hoople. I believe this will be getting some serious captured rotation.  (S)

10. Circus 2000
Been jammin' on this long-gone early 70's Italian occult-prog band all
week, and was psyched to uncover this fantastic live clip of 'em from
some festival, shot by the director of Cannibal Holocaust!
“Doochu need some sonchine yeah?” Sweet! (K)

9. Repulsion - Horrified (1989)
A record I never heard before and nicked it off the Precious Metal list.  Wow! These kids recorded a demo tape, invented the blast beat, tried to get signed, didn't get signed, they broke the band up, joined the Army, had kids of their own, the tape got traded around the underground without them knowing it, and they changed the face of heavy metal forever. (S)

8. Alan Partridge The Movie (The trailer)
Steve Coogan's BBC series “I'm Alan Partridge” was an amazing,
hilarious, and frequently painful mockumentary/fake talk show about a
delusional asshole and his non-career. And now he's getting his own
movie! I can't wait to see it in the theater and hear all the groaning
from the audience. Steve Coogan makes Larry David seem like Tom Hanks.

7. Atlantic City 
I've been spending allot of time in the Jersey shore hell-scape known as Atlantic City. This movie was cool because it was shot when only two casinos where up and they were about to tare the place down to build more. It's a good story too. It got nominated for a million Oscars the year it came out and won none. Too bad. (S)

6. Day After the Sabbath Volume 85
It's always exciting when a new volume of this insane, sprawling,
proto-metal online comp series is released. Volume 85 is based on Tel
Aviv rock writer Ra'anan Chelled's book 'Demons Fairies & Wailin
Guitars: The best 100 obscured rock acts 1968-1976', which sounds like
a fantastic read. As always, even the most advanced Demonologist will
find some surprising new this one! (K)

5. Bwana
Amazing latin funk grooves from Nicaragua 1972. A much need relief from all this extreme metal and euro-prog we've been listening to huh. A much needed break in antatimaption of the spring equinox right around the corner. (S)

4. Dust mini-doc
For the past week, I've been interviewing the various members of
proto-metal legends for a story in Classic Rock magazine. If you want
the short version, here's a great five minute primer on the band with
interviews from everybody and some crazy rare live footage! (K)

3. Reyner Banham Loves Los Angles
It's just cool to ride around L.A. in the 70's. This 1972 BBC documentary is an awesome look at the strange Architectural landscape of City of Night.  (S)

2. Blood Tsunami
If I was asked to review Blood Tsunami's new album, 'For Faen!', it
would only take two words: holy fuck. Probably the most violent thrash
metal record I've ever heard. Lyrics that make you wanna crawl into a
fetal ball (“In order to ejaculate, he has to stab a child!”), singer
who rolls his r's in a fantastically obnoxious manner. From the guy in
Emperor who killed a guy in the 90's and the host of MTV Norway's
Headbanger's Ball, which must be a hell of a thing to see. HOLY FUCK!

1. Bathory - One Rode The Asa Bay
Great collection of Bathory stuff. Kicking it off with the amazing viking metal masterpiece One Rode To Asa Bay video. A few cool interviews with Quorthon and some weird behind the scenes footage. It's a must for Bathory fans like you. (S)

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