Saturday, March 9, 2013

Top 13 (of the Week)

Sure,you know what's cool. But do you know what's really fuckin' FAR OUT? That's where Advanced Demonology takes over. Every week, (K)en and (S)wilson trudge through the murky waters of the pop culture hellscape, dredging up sparkly morsels of wonder. These are the result of our latest foray into the world of the weird, our wildest, wiggest-out picks of the week. Call it our 13 Point Program.

13.Scorpions - In Trance
I dig the Scorpions but I  haven't gone over them with my Advanced Demonological fine toothed comb. I had recently been enjoying the early stuff because I realized that they are basically a Krautrock band and I love Krautrock. I also was familiar with some of the early 80's "Metal" records, who isn't, but I missed this mid period when they became "Hard Rock". I had Virgin Killer, I bought it like every good creep does just to shock people, but the record to get from this period is In Trance.  Wow! Pure proto-NWOBHM way better than Deep Purple, kinda like Sad Wings Of Destiny Judas Priest. It vacillates between total depression and complete unbridled lust. That's why it's a hit with the teenagers.  Old news to some new news to me. (S)

12. Kenneth Higney – Attic Demonstration
Just picked up this crucial reissue from One Kind Favor Records and it's full-on amazing. Ken Higney is a spaced-out crooner from Nowheresville,  and Attic Demonstration is his cry for help. Recorded in 1975, but something tells me it could have been recorded in '81 or '97, and it would still sound exactly the same, like the Shaggs had a big brother who was locked in the closet for a long time and now he's out and he's got a guitar. Run for your life! (K)

11. Them - Now and Them
Who's interested in Them after Van Morrison? The Answer: Nobody. Which is a shame because yes, the magic of the Irish pub blue eyed soul is completely gone, but in it's wake the post-Van Them churned out TWO mammoth acid rock monsters that belong high up in the british psychedelic cannon with  my friend jack, my white bicycle, and matilda mother.  The first being "Walking in the Queens Garden" a brain hemorrhaging LSD stomper, the second, an almost, and I mean almost, kraut-rock (before there was such a thing) grooving "Square Room".  On a weird side note the  the post-Van Morrison Them,after recording a Swedish Only Lp(?) produce by Kim Fowley (look for a review on a future Top 13),  relocated to Amarillo Texas!! I guess at the time it was better than Northern Ireland?(S)

10. Demon Lover Diary
Speaking of 1975, this grungy, lo-fi documentary follows a group of regional filmmakers as they attempt to make a low-budget backwoods horror flick called Demon Lover. Everything goes wrong and things turn ugly. It ends in a hail of shotgun fire. This is woozy, fuzzy, doomy, and groovy. It's also way more entertaining than the actual movie they were making. (K)

Demon Lover Diary (1980) from Film Ape on Vimeo.

9. Spring - Sping (1971)
Mellow mellotron music from the UK in the early 70's. The first half of this sole output by the unknown "prog" act is pure bliss. Side two doesn't reach the dazzling heights of the A side but is still worth a spin. Track it down on any number of obscure-oh blogs on the inter-web. (S)

8. Anicent Wisdom – Deathlike
Speaking of Demon Lover Diary, those guys were super into Ted Nugent. But if I was going to remake the film – and I totally fuckin' would – Ancient Wisdom would provide the soundtrack. This is a whole new sorta black metal – semi-acoustic, grungy, pretty in spots, but still Satanic and grim as fuck. And it's about as 1975 as you can possibly get. (K)

7. Love - Black Beauty
Recored as a "solo" album for Buffalo records in 1973, it only made it acetate and stayed that way until now. High Moon records did a fantastic job of releasing this lost Love, soon to be classic. Arthur Lee and his gang of psychedelic brothers turn it on in a heavy drugged out funk mode, a little Hendrix, a little Sly, but all undeniably Arthur.  Boss!!! (S)

6. When Albums Ruled The World
Also speaking of 1975, remember when everybody consumed music via vinyl records? Double-albums, gatefolds, fold-out posters, picture discs, hiss, pops, crackles? Fuck man, good times. If you haven't already switched back to vinyl, this sweet, star-studded BBC doc will probably send you straight to the used record store. (K)

5. Imperial State Electric - Pop War
It's Nicke Andersson from the Hellacopters new band. And guess what? It rocks hard! Basically a sequel to Rock & Roll Is Dead. Consume with can beer only, no fancy bottles. (S)

4. The Slayer Mag Diaries
Back when I was a teenager, I wrote for a metal fanzine called Suck City. One of the other dudes who wrote for it was my old buddy Ian Christe, who, among many other notable things, now runs Bazillion Points Press. One of their latest releases is the Slayer Mag Diaries, which basically compiles 20 years of Norwegian extreme metalzine Slayer in a mammoth 800 page collection. Last weekend I had to go to LA to interview Alice in Chains for Classic Rock magazine, so I picked it up and read it on the plane. While the text is pretty basic (English isn't the Slayer mag dude's first language, after all), the interviews and splotchy photos and screwy logos and first-account reporting of the Norwegian black metal scene are all fascinating, and it inspired me to listen to a lot of really rippin' jams that I haven't heard for almost 30 years. Turns out Sodom and Destruction and Iron Angel are still awesome! Read this book! (K)

3. Rockabye Baby
So my daughter was born last weekend. She rules! She digs Sabbath and Kiss already and she doesn't even know it. Thanks to the Rockabye Baby rock 'n roll lullaby series.  I actually recommend these album to you non parents if you just want to put on some really soothing dinner music, or maybe if you've been up all night getting loaded and you need something to help you come down easy. Lot's of cool bands in the series. Collect 'em all! (S)

2. Lullaby – Satan My Master
Probably the weirdest band in the Slayer Diaries, and that's saying something. Lullaby is a pretty, flame-haired Brazilian chick who fronted a mysterious lo-fi doom/occult rock band in the early 90's. Big deal, you say, there's dozens of female-fronted doom-rock bands around these days. True, but you have never heard anything like this in your life. Her vocals are COMPLETELY INSANE. Listen to this and pretend she's hiding in your closet. Holy fuck. (K)

1. Hydra Vein - Rather Death Than False Faith
Ken turned me onto these guys just yesterday! Woah!! Really outstanding late 80's thrash,  with super weird guitar "solos". Things like Denim battle jackets, junior mustaches, and suicidal rage come to mind. I got to get me a Hydra Vein back patch because I'd rather be dead than have false faith, maaaaan….wait let me think about that one. (S)


  1. We're going on another roadtrip in May. If anyone wants Kim Fowley's Sunset Boulevard lp, I can go back to Portland and get it. I think it was $1.99.

    Somewhere in Maine right now, there's a used copy of the Bags' Mount Rockmore with my name on it.

    Also, if anyone knows where to get the Unband's We Like To Drink... dvd, please let me know!

    1. YES!
      Also I'll look for We Like to Drink, I know I have it somewhere.

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