Friday, September 21, 2012

Top 13 (Of The Week)

Sure,you know what's cool. But do you know what's really fuckin' FAR OUT? That's where Advanced Demonology takes over. Every week, (K)en and (S)wilson trudge through the murky waters of the pop culture hellscape, dredging up sparkly morsels of wonder. These are the result of our latest foray into the world of the weird, our wildest, wiggest-out picks of the week. Call it our 13 Point Program.

13. I Miss Drugs
Not me personally, but lots of people do. This very funny new web series very accurately portrays what happens to former with-it types (like me and Swilson) once we approach middle-age. Hint: Ikea and Hulu Plus is involved. Sad but true. (K)

I Miss Drugs-Episode 1-"Almost There" from I MISS DRUGS on Vimeo.

12. Space Shuttle Endeavor Over the Mind-Warp Pavilion
The now retired spacecraft got a piggy back ride from a 747 this morning and flew all around the Los Angels area. Lady Swilson and I Watched it from Billion Dollar Beach across the street from the the Mind-Warp.  What a sight! (S)

11. Strange Forces
German headphone melters Strange Forces have a new album out, "I'd Rather Listen to the Bloody Birds". It's a swirling kaleidoscope of reverb-drenched space-case guitars and meandering doper grooves. The psychedelia is so dense you can get lost in it. In Venus, the sky is made of acid. This is probably what it sounds like when you parachute into the Venusian atmosphere. (K)

10. Wapassou - Wapassou (1974)
An extremely obscure group from france. They make stoned, sexy, psychedelic groove music. Perfect for skinny dipping in ice cold waterfalls and smoking hashish if your into that sort of thing. Kinda like a much header version of the Vampyros Lesbos soundtrack. (S)

09. Warp Drive is Possible! 
NASA is pretty sure that with a little tinkering, we can just bend space around a little and achieve interstellar space travel. Seeing as we're discovering potential new habitable zones in far-off galaxies at a pretty regular clip these days, it's nice to know we might have a way to visit. There's a good chance it'll take 100 years or so to pull it off, so I would suggest you eat a lot of kale and stay hydrated, so you'll be around when it happens. (K)

08. Mule: Summer 1994
Man does this make me nostalgic. In the summer of 1994, many a drunken evening on the back porch of a Jersey shore house was spent with If I Don't Six on the box. Conjuring up memories of  eating shorties from Wawa and washing them down with Natty Ice . They are a largely forgotten phenomenon now,  a completely original cocktail of blues, punk and redneck swagger. P.W. Long had an amazing self taught guitar style and the rhythm section was as bombastic as it gets. They moved from Detroit to Philly, a move that seemed to make sense at the time, than P.W. struck out on his own and now I think he writes restaurant reviews. (S)

07. Who Killed Captain Alex? 
Isaac Nabwana is Uganda's first (and only) action film director. His entire production company is a volunteer, guerrilla army of stuntmen, actors, and explosive "experts", and from the completely fucked-up trailer for his epic, "Who Killed Captain Alex", we just might have a major new...well, I don't know if talent is the right word, but phenomenon definitely works. There's also a kickstarter campaign going to shoot a documentary on Nabwana, which I think needs to happen. (K)

06. The London Cowboys
After the break of  the Idols ( which include Jerry Nolan and Walter Lure) Barry Jones and Steve Dior formed the London Cowboys. They were the nucleus with which a revolving cast of punk rock luminaries played, including: Nolan, Glen Matlock, Tony James (Generation X), Pete Farndon (Pretenders), Terry Chimes (The Clash, Generation X) and sometimes Monroe from Hanoi Rocks. This is sleazy glam in all the right places. Somehow I missed 'em but I guess they were big in the U.K. (S)

05. Krofft Supershow
Mid 70's Saturday morning insanity. A variety show from some dark psychedelic cartoon hell, served up weekly during bouts of sugar-cereal overdosing. This show fried my mind but good. I'm still not over it. Now some maniac has posted 'em up on Youtube to infect a whole new generation with it's drug-soaked zaniness. (K)

04. Jim Ford by way of Sly Stone blitzed on Dick Cavett 
This footage  has been kicking around for some time and it's not really funny to see Sly all fucked up (looking sharp I might ad)  but I just realized he name checks the great Jim Ford! Too bad this is Jim's fifteen minutes of fame right here. (S)

03. Black Devil Disco Club
The deepest darkest disco ever made and i'd like to thank Seth, the drummer in Swilson for this most crucial Advanced Demonological find. Bernard Fevre a french musician who released synth library music under the name Milpatte, recored and released an Ep of satanic disco in 1978 to relative obscurity. Of course in recent years it has resurfaced at the hands of some DJ's and has been hailed as the classic it really is. Fevre has started recording and releasing under the Black Devil moniker again and it's all pretty good. Outsider, satanic, loner disco! (S)

02. The Doors of Perception: Weird Funk, Psychedelic Soul, and Acid Jazz from New York City (1970-1974)
The title says it all, really. My new fave comp of all time. You can't get more far out than this, man. This shit is ALL THE WAY GONE. (K)

01. The Fall - Ersatz GB (2011)
I'm a huge Fall fan but I go in and out of consciousness with them, it's hard to keep track in this fast moving world. Every now and again I wake up and say : "wonder if there is a new Fall record?"…well I did that this morning and came across one from 2011…is there a newer one? It's great! I thought Your Future Our Clutter was great so hopefully he's on a roll. (S)

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