Saturday, September 15, 2012

Top 13 (of the week)

Sure,you know what's cool. But do you know what's really fuckin' FAR OUT? That's where Advanced Demonology takes over. Every week, (K)en and (S)wilson trudge through the murky waters of the pop culture hellscape, dredging up sparkly morsels of wonder. These are the result of our latest foray into the world of the weird, our wildest, wiggest-out picks of the week. Call it our 13 Point Program.

13. Swilson: Witchtrial Modern Day
The music video for a track off our up coming smash-flop Ep: Cool Skull. Loser-wave at it's finest. Turn it into a virus. (S)

12. Royal Thunder
Southern-fried psychedelic doom-prog with a Janis-y banshee up front. What's not to love? (K)

11. Gift - Gift (1972)
Got turned onto this demonological mind melt from my man Spencer Jacob (Occult Wisdom). Far out!  They are supposed to be a German legend whatever that means. All I know is this stuff Burns! (S)

10. Exorcism Monthly
Demonic possession is running rampant in Poland (well, delusional thinking is, at least), and 'exorcist' is a hot occupation over there. Currently there's over a hundred shysters - I mean exorcists - in operation in Poland right now. With no sign of this epidemic slowing down, there's only one thing to do: start a magazine devoted to demonic possession and exorcism. Holy smokes, do I wish I spoke Polish, because I would subscribe to that rag forever. (K)

09. Howard Nishioka - Street Songs (1979)
When I retire from loner rock I want to make a record like this. Meandering (and I mean that in the best possible way) tropical guitar playing from Hawaii. I got hipped to this by the  always amazing Ghost Capitol blog. (S)

08. Coming someday: Looking for Johnny: The Legend of Johnny Thunders
It kinda bummed me out that Born to Lose ended up being the definitive JT film, because it's really depressing and actually makes you question why you were so into the guy in the first place. I mean, he was kinda despicable in a lot of ways, and a good portion of his musical output was tepid at best. But here's the thing: despite being a doped-up asshole 95% of the time, 5% of the time he was the COOLEST ROCKER THAT EVER LIVED. And nobody disputes that, ever. This doc looks like it spends more time celebrating that 5%. (K)

07. Fainting Goats
 The new sensation that is sweeping the nation? The pet that every body wants ?  The unlikely superstars of Youtube: Fainting Goats!  What kinda wild evolutionary trick is this? Supposedly possums do the same thing but a possum looks like a giant rat so it's not a cute. (S)

06. Allah-las
I almost forgot how much I like skronking garage rock. These west-coast dandies do the retro-60's thang with serious finesse. (K)

05. Sameti - Sameti (1972)
Everyone knows Germans really made the craziest rock everback in the 70's and here is some more of it. A wigged out masterpiece from some ex-members of Amon Duul. (S)

04. $9Cardboard Bike
I used to ride a bike all the time, but then they started getting stolen. I lost three fuckin' bikes, snatched right from the pole in front of my house. I bought the biggest goddamn chain at the hardware store for the last one. Didn't matter. So I started walking instead. Now there might be a solution to my problem: this guy has figured out how to make a working bicycle out of cardboard for $9.00. You steal it, no prob, I'll make another one. This could work. (K)

03. The Great Happiness Space
Japanese host boys are men who are paid to entertain woman in very expensive nightclubs. The woman pay for a good time,to be told wonderful things about themselves, to be made to laugh and sometimes to have sex with these dream boats. But all is not what it seems as we delve into the sociopathic mentality of the host's and the psychopathic desires of the clients.  By the end of this thing Japan will have blown your mind yet again.(S)

Watch THE GREAT HAPPINESS SPACE - TALES OF AN OSAKA LOVE THIEF in Movies  |  View More Free Videos Online at

02. Naam - Starchild
They have pyramid shaped amps and they sleep with eagles! Let's do this,. (K)

01. Humble Pie - As Safe As Yesterday Is (1969)
In  the November 1970 issue of Rolling Stone ( Meher Baba on the cover) journalist Mike Sanders, in a review of this record wrote: "Here Humble Pie were a noisy, unmelodic, heavy metal-leaden shit-rock band, with loud and noisy parts beyond doubt". Wow! Heavy Metal and Shit-Rock were born out of one review. Now I myself specialize in shit-rock and sometimes lean to Heavy Metal and I can safely say, As Safe As Yesterday is, Is neither. Instead it's a really fantastic, heavy, psychedelic blues gospel freak out that is sadly over looked today.(S)

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