Friday, May 18, 2012

Top 13 (of the week)

Sure,you know what's cool. But do you know what's really fuckin' FAR OUT? That's where Advanced Demonology takes over. Every week, (K)en and (S)wilson trudge through the murky waters of the pop culture hellscape, dredging up sparkly morsels of wonder. These are the result of our latest foray into the world of the weird, our wildest, wiggest-out picks of the week. Call it our 13 Point Program.

13. Disco Dracula - Betamax
whacked-out Nu-disco remake of "Soul Dracula", the legendary '77 dancefloor hit by German polyester-abusers Hot Blood. That song seemed pretty perfect just the way it was, but this one's a sweet, spooky jam as well. (K)

12. Ghost Blues: The Story Of Rory Gallagher
This is a really good, but not great doc on Rory ( he makes lots of appearances on the Top 13).  The not great part is the celebrity talking heads  included to give "credibility" to Gallagher's legacy.  The Fuckin' Edge from U2!  OK he's an Irish guitar player too……  Fuckin'  Bob Geldof!  Why the fuck is Bob Geldof famous anyway?!? Who the fuck listens to the Boomtown Rats!?!?  Other than that….this is well made, with great live performances and interviews with Rory's brother/manager and longtime bandmates. The coolest no fuckin' nonsense guitar player ever!  We will take what we can get. (S)

11. The Royalty - Lovers album
Texas band that basically sounds like retro soul-pop singer Duffy fronting a scruffy garage band that's super into 50's doo-wop. Great vocals, really catchy songs, more than a little weird. I'm into it.  (K)

10. The Great Unwashed: Clean Out Of Our Minds
A 1983 side project from  New Zealand's pop-a-delic  godfathers The Clean. Unwashed and somewhat slightly dazed super hits oh plenty. Nicked from the always crucial Ghost Capital. (S)

9. 42nd Street Forever: The Blu-ray Edition
This exploitation trailer series has been running for years now. There's even an XXX version. All of them are great and offer up many hours of entertainment as they unspool one jaw-dropping exploitation movie trailer after another. Now they've upped the ante with their first blu-ray edition: crisp HD transfers of bottom-of-the-barrel 60's/70's/80's cinematic swill. This one serves as a "best of" comp from the first two DVD editions plus a fistful of new stuff, as well. Overwhelmingly bad-ass entertainment.  (K)

8. Groundhogs: Uk Tour '76
Wow! Fuck! Holy Shit Man! Far Out! Heavy! I got a real kick out of seeing Tony McPhee's name on the 1976 Melody Makers reader's poll for the best guitar player in Britain, right next to that boring Eric Clapton, in the Gallagher doc (Rory he topped the list).  Captured live from that punk rock watershed year, touring to support the Crosscut Saw record, pure smoke on the water fire in the sky, cruiser's creek yeah. (S)

7. Run Angel Run - Tammy Wynette
Run Angel Run is a grubby biker flick from 1969. I haven't seen it yet, although I suspect it's exactly like every other biker flick ever made: hassles, weed, chain-fights, ol' ladies flashin' boobs. Regardless of its cinematic qualities, the fuzzy soundtrack by Stu Phillips is solid, and the kicker is the hazy, doomy theme song, by terminally depressed country crooner Tammy Wynette. It's awesome. If only Tammy actually starred in the movie too, as one of the aforementioned booby-flashing ol' ladies, then we'd really have something. (K)

6. Synanon
I watched the 1965 movie starring  Chuck Connors, it's a great film, and It got me reading about the real Synanon. Holy Cow!!! It was a drug rehab on the beach here Santa Monica. They coined the phase "Today is the first Day of the rest of your life". Well it starts out as a drug rehab….but like all things in California, it turns into a cult!!!!!  Shaved heads (Lucas used people from the clinic as extras in THX), forced abortions, child abuse, people not being allowed to leave, Tax evasion, a cultish concept called "lifetime rehabilitation", an actual underground railroad of sorts was started to get kids out of Synanon!  It did help people in some way, (see the 1962 Joe Pass record: The Sounds Of Synanon) but why did they have to take it so far?? Will Advanced Demonology devolve into a cult someday? I sure hope so. I'm sitting over here on a Parchment farm. (S)

5. Larger than Life documentary
When I was around seven or eight years old, I was nuts about Kiss. Of course, it was the 70's, and all little kids were. But then I turned nine, discovered AC/DC, and decided I was too mature for Ace and the gang. Besides, they were heading into some weird territory (disco, whatever the fuck "Music from the Elder" was, "She's So European", etc). By the time I was a teenager, they were deep into their "Lick It Up" era, which was...I mean, it was gross, right? And then after that, basically all you ever heard was Gene Simmons blathering on about how rich and successful he was. No rock n' roll in that at all. I guess what I'm saying is, fuck Kiss. But Kiss fans? Endlessly entertaining. Can't get enough of 'em. Enter Larger than Life, a documentary about a Kiss tribute band. It's like a suburban Spinal Tap with even worse haircuts. Awesome! (K)

4. LSD March: Under Milk Wood
Any band that names itself after a Guru Guru song has to be great, right? Japan blows mind again and again. Under Milk Wood is the entry point into the wild world of the LSD March. All things Advanced Demonological are represented here/hear, dressed in Nippon black cool, with ( stoned) zap comedy, and always  psychedelic artistic integrity. These are the people your parents warned you about…….psychedelic artist types……who are Japanese. (S)

3. Groovy Movies: Far Out Films of the Psychedelic Era
Even a cursory glance around here will give you ample evidence that Swilson and I are fairly obsessed with what could be comfortably be called the "psychedelic era", i.e. the mid 1960's to the mid 1970's. The music, the style, the mayhem, the kooky kults, we love it all. Naturally, the movies were pretty choice around this time as well, and this helpful, immersive tome offers up essays and reviews about all the various genre flicks splashing the screens during those woozy days: spy flicks, road movies, biker movies, whacked-out musicals, sexploitation, warsploitation, sun-baked spaghetti westerns, etc. etc. Dig in. Your Netflix queue will be fairly bursting by the time you're through. (K)

2. Ray Barretto: Acid
There ain't too much LSD marching on this record, I think Ray was trying to catch the hippies with a buzzword. But Goddam! This is a latin boogaloo!! BBBq, Beer and Weed for me, yes please. I just got back from a springtime vacation to New York City.  This is the soundtrack to the approaching summer. Listen to everything on Fania. (S)

1. Boob Mug!
Just got back from a week in Florida. I wanted one of these my whole life, and they had 'em at the souvenir shop. And now I have one. Mine says “St Pete's Beach”, because that's where I was,  but really, these are pretty representative of Florida as a whole. It's a very boob mug sorta state. (K)

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