Friday, May 4, 2012

Top 13 (of the Week)

Sure,you know what's cool. But do you know what's really fuckin' FAR OUT? That's where Advanced Demonology takes over. Every week, (K)en and (S)wilson trudge through the murky waters of the pop culture hellscape, dredging up sparkly morsels of wonder. These are the result of our latest foray into the world of the weird, our wildest, wiggest-out picks of the week. Call it our 13 Point Program.

13. Golden Slumbers
New doc making the rounds about the lost world of Cambodian cinema. Basically, during the psychedelic era, Cambodia produced over 400 home-grown films - mostly groovy fantasy flicks based on local mythology - but once Pol Pot took over, almost all of them (and many of the people involved with the productions) were destroyed. The stuff that remains (Crocodile Man!) is tantalizingly kooky. Golden Slumbers tells the sometimes tragic, sometimes triumphant world of the Cambodian film industry. A must-see for fans of wild n' wooly world-cinema.(K)

12. Sweet Apple: Love And Desperation
I'm guessing everyone knows about this: J. Mascis got together with Cobra Verde madman Jon Petkovic and Dave Sweetapple from Witch, to belt out this heavy pop masterpiece back in 2010. If you also live five years behind the times, check it out. Every song is a super hit!  This project was apparently put together in order to deal with the loss of a loved one. (S)

11.Arthur Dave and Toni - Hearken to the Witch's Rune
Holy fuck, records don't get more 'Advanced Demonology' than this one. Stark, sparse, delightfully creep-o pagan folk from a trio of British weirdies whose day job was on children's TV. Only in 1970 did crazy shit like this happen. (K)

10. Juggernaught
These African rednecks play something known as Man-Rock. I don't know what that is, but does anyone know what anything is? Mountain Man is a  tune is from a record called: Act Of Goat. It's much better than anything that Black Label Society put out, in fact I think these guys are succeeding at what BLS is hoping for without even trying, Kinda like when the Faces out stoned the Rolling Stones, or maybe not. Maybe it's the reincarnation of Tad? Maybe South Africa is just like the Southern United States except with man eating beasts? (S)

9. Enterprise - Stages
Mexican nu-disco kingpin masquerades as mid 80's Mexican porn-soundtrack synth-assassin. Here's the tagline:
"Mexico, 1985, Nico Raibak is leading a small porn movies production company, when he decided to launch a new live concept linking the acts to the sound. After six months holed up in the studio with his actresses, they are on stage."

And here's the glorious results.


8. Angel Dust
Great "documentary" aired in 1980. This is all about kicking back with some PCP and is further proof that California is full of Satan worshipping creeps and weirdo's. Angel Dust is the nameless drug that you see in the after school specials that makes the kids think they can fly. When you watch that stuff in Health class  you say to yourself "I ain't never felt like I can fly when I'm stoned". Well, you just ain't tried Dust.  If anyone out there can track down the film "Angel Death", narrated by Paul Newman, let me know because I've been searching for since I saw it back in 1991. (S)

7. The Heavy Eyes - 2 demo 
 For a coupla dudes who made our bones on Stooges/Sabbath heavy-devy ass-rock, we don't really talk about it all that much on the Top 13. That's because it's a given, really. Who doesn't like, you know, The Devil's Blood or Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats? But every once in a while, a group of biker-grease scruffs release some new music that batter our earholes with such finesse and/or ferocity that we just gotta mention it. Southern lords-of-demonfuzz The Heavy Eyes just posted a couple demos on Bandcamp that will eventually land on their upcoming second full-length, and they FUCKING SMOKE. So check 'em out. (K)

6. New Dawn: Theres A New Dawn
This came out in 1969 but it's firmly rooted in 1966. They sound like they could be from Massachusetts but they reign from Portland Oregon.  Each tune is a sizzling weird bummer and I can't stop playing it. Lost classic. (S)

5. If Planets Orbited the Earth 
I mentioned this on the Space episode of the Advanced Demonology podcast. It's a startling/awesome/terrifying animation that depicts the Earth's night sky if the other planets in the milky way orbited Earth. Pretty much it would be panic-inducing. (K)

4. The Phlorescent Leech & Eddie
Flo & Eddie used to confuse me as a kid. They were talk show hosts? Record producers? They were D.J.'s? They played with Zappa….no wait, they were the Turtles? Anyway, now I'm old enough to realize they are just two of the coolest guys in rock history. Cool enough to be all those things. The Pholerescent Leech & Eddie is from 1972 (a record the drummer in Swilson turned me on too). It's an amazing ride of 70's sunshine, California groove, psyche and hard rock all swirled together with excellent taste and restraint ( not a quality I normally applaud).  We are trying to get them to produce a Swilson record. (S)

3. Brian Jonestown Massacre - Aufheben
So, fist fightin' psychedelic nutball Anton Newcombe fucked off to Germany a couple years back and has been picking away at the shards of his band, Brian Jonestown Massacre, ever since. Sorta comically, the latest from the Teutonictown Massacre gets released a week after their bitter cinematic rivals the Dandy Warhols (watch the awesome Dig! for further explanation). Aufheben is decidedly less "establishment" than the Dandies record, what with the generic sleeve and the lack of fuss or fanfare. It's also less overtly "rawk", but it's still a sweet, acid-fried ride nonetheless. Basically, it's a loose collection of groovy ragas with zithers and bloops and bleeps sprinkled atop rolling hills of glossy, glassy psychedelia. Great "couch of woe" type action.

2. Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte
Robert Aldrich (Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?) Teams up agian with Bette Davis for this star studded thriller! Olivia de Havilland, Joseph Cotton, Agnes Moorehead and George Kennady co-star.  Murder! Mayhem! Deceit! It ended up getting seven Oscar nominations back when it meant somthing. (S)

1. Discovr
Apparently this is the number one music app in the world, so it looks like I am as behind the times as El Swilson, but if you don't have it, you gotta get it. Basically what happens is, you search on a band you like, it finds it (Replacements!), and then like an octopus, it offers up a fistful of other bands that have been crowd-sourced to appeal to fans of the original band (Soul Asylum! Husker Du!). And then you can do that with the new bands it found (Mathew Sweet! Teenage Fanclub!), as well. It's nuts.I'm using obvious choices here, but you get the idea. Full songs would be alot nice than just snippets, but still, as a music discovery tool, it's amazing. (K)

Let us know your picks! PS New episode of Advanced Demonology Podcast out May 19th!

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  1. I'm in Wells Maine right now. Here's a summary of the roadtrip so far...

    - didn't get hassled by customs. The border guard turned out to be a chick and she was cool.

    - bought The Ritual by British horror writer Adam Nevill for 8 bucks used.

    - used record stores in Portland had stuff like Kim Fowley's Sunset Boulevard and the Nancy and Lee record (1968).

    - very nearly bought Sacrifice's Forward to Termination for $5 but I was too cheap.

    - Next week I will attempt to go to Sudbury MA to get David J. Schow's Crypt Orchids for 25 bucks (ouch!) Will it happen? Stay tuned...