Saturday, April 12, 2014

Set List: Advanced Demonology 49: (Not so) Current Events

Opener: I'm the Hillside Strangler - The Child Molesters

Set 1:

Vietnam - Jimmy Cliff
Burn Your Bra Baby - Benny Johnson
Cheaper Crude or no more food - Bobby Butler
The Ballad Of Evel Kenievel - Evil Knievel
Cold Wars - Rezillos

Set 2:

Tribute To John Lennon - Ranking Joe
Reagan in the white house - Dad and the boys
Motor City is Burning - MC5
Vietnam Blues - Autry Inman
Prohibition Bleus - Clayton McMichen

Set 3:

Chappaquiddick Bridge - Don Eddings
Richard Nixon In '76 - Gene Marshall
Get That Communist, Joe - Kavaliers
Set Lt. Calley Free - Big Bill Johnson
Poor Left Winger - Janet Greene

Set 4:
Guns For The Afghan Rebels - Angelic Upstarts
Reagan's War Puppets - The Accused
Do You Remember Malcolm - Miriam & Mbongi Makeba
We Dig Nixon - Voodoo Idols
Gilmore's Last Request - The Sundowns


Wars Of Armageddon - Funkadelic

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