Friday, May 10, 2013

Top 13 (of the Week)

Sure,you know what's cool. But do you know what's really fuckin' FAR OUT? That's where Advanced Demonology comes in. Every week, (K)en and (S)wilson trudge through the murky waters of the pop culture hellscape, dredging up sparkly morsels of wonder. These are the result of our latest foray into the world of the weird, our wildest, wiggest-out picks of the week. Call it our 13 Point Program.
13. In Death It Ends
Creep out with this spectacularly ghoulish slab of retro ice-wave! Mostly instrumental, so you can make up your own spooky words and mumble 'em as you skulk around your local cemetery. (K)

12. Birds Of Maya Live
This is one of my favorite bands going right now and they really kill it live! Check out this video from 2009. But I'm starting to think it should be mandatory for all bands to have to dress up in some kind of Halloween type costume when they play.  I'm in a band and I really hate to get all dolled up too. But I know I'm wrong.Think about this music being played by guys in Dragon suits spitting blood & fire, or dressed like cave men with bloody meat hanging off of steaks. I suppose cut offs is a costume, but ya know….it's mandatory for Swedish bands to dress up. And Sweden is where rock lives! (S)

11. Weng's Chop
A bunch of the superstars of 80's cult movie zines, including Dan Taylor from Exploitation Retrospect and Greg Goodsell from Subhuman, have assembled for this glossy-covered, print-on-demand megaZine, and it's fuckin' boss. This particular issue has a spaghetti western theme, so there's stuff about Klaus Kinski's gunslinger pics and Mexican and Indian westerns and all kindsa cool shit. The newest issue is a Jess Franco special. You gotta get these! (K)

10. Agent Steel - Mad Locust Rising
UFO obsessed, and not the friendly kind, power metal from 1985 Los Angeles. I hear a Manilla Road influence and it's cool man. I can't stop blazing the last track: Let It Be Done / The Day At Guyana.  (S)

9. Dungeon Beast
Sure, you're hip to black metal and death metal and thrash metal and even industrial metal. Swilson plays “Nothing Metal”, and that works out pretty good for him. But are you hip to “Asshole Metal”? Well, let me introduce you to the reigning kings of this important new micro-genre, Dungeon Beast! It's like mid 80's doom/thrash played in a trash can! (K)

8. Good looking Israeli Defense Girls
Perhaps the most vital photo gallery you'll peruse this week. (K)

 7. Deniz Tek - Detroit
Ann Arbor born and bred. Relocated To Australia in the early 70's to bring the Detroit rock revolution down under with Radio Birdman and New Race. On his latest album he returns to Detroit a little worn and a little wiser. (S)

6. Vidunder
Swedish hippies playing downer-blues. Great soundtrack for your next all-denim weekend! (K)

5. Rolling Stones - Unreleased Decca Live Album 1972
Being that the Stones are on tour now I think it only fitting to post this amazing document I picked up off the inter-web. I dig how sloppy and ramshackle rest of the band  are up against Mick Taylor's beautiful, tight, guitar leads. It's really never been done before or since. A great case for selling your soul to the devil. Shoot smack! (S)

4. The Deathmakers
So you know when it was 1983 and you rented Faces of Death from the video store and it became apparent to you, even then, when you're were still a 14 year old numbskull, that some of the 'true death' scenes in this hodge-podge of reality horror seemed suspect at best, like the guy who parachutes into an alligator pit, or the people who sit down at a table with a hammer and bash in a monkey's skull so they can eat his brains? Well, turns out it really was all bullshit, as evidenced by this illuminaing mini-doc (from the Faces of Death blu-ray?!) featuring interviews with the SFX dudes behind the VHS madness. (K)

3. Bodega Pop Blog
Great blog. This cat buys music in the various "ethnic" Bodega's in NYC and posts it on line. Great idea. You always see those CD's on the wall behind the counter and wonder what the hell that stuff sounds like. Now we got somebody doing it for us. (S)

2. Norm McDonald Live!
First of all, all the kool kids know that Norm was the greatest SNL-er ever. Or at the very least, the most cavalier. Secondly, what the LAST thing you'd ever expect Norm to do? Exactly, a fuckin' podcast. But here he is, hosting a weekly video 'cast on Youtube, and it's a total riot. Watch him guzzle gravy and hassle his sidekick and tell tawdry Hollywood tales with pals like Kevin Nealon and Super Dave Osborne. Laffs galore! (K)

1. Paul Chain - Alkahest
This record rules. The Ex-Death SS guitar player teams up with Cathedral mad man Lee Dorian. I think it's from nineteen ninety something or other. Take note doom rockers: We need less Electric Wizard and Sleep and more Death SS/Paul Chain rip offs! (S)

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