Saturday, January 26, 2013

Top 13 (Of the Week)

Sure,you know what's cool. But do you know what's really fuckin' FAR OUT? That's where Advanced Demonology takes over. Every week, (K)en and (S)wilson trudge through the murky waters of the pop culture hellscape, dredging up sparkly morsels of wonder. These are the result of our latest foray into the world of the weird, our wildest, wiggest-out picks of the week. Call it our 13 Point Program.

13. Lantern - Heart In your Tongue
My favorite living band posted this groovy video of a recent live show in Philly. I dig the track, can't wait for more recordings and now that I live on the east coast I got to get over to the city of brotherly hate, and catch a gig. (S)

12. Pins and Needles
Hidden in a warehouse in LA, Pins n' Needles is an underground pinball arcade run by a saucer-eyed stoner chick, where long-gone daddies and roller girls can tilt the night away. Holy fuck. I think there needs to
be a satellite version in every town. (K)

11. Crime in The Streets
It's 1956, it would be first wave of many, of society sounding the alarm for juvenile delinquency and this is one of the best "JD" films of the era.  It's the late great John Cassavetes debut film. He plays a gang leader hell bent on revenge on his upstairs neighbor for snitching on a fellow gang member for packing a peace. He ropes Sal Mineo and Mark Rydell into his twisted scheme, only the plot is threatened when social worker James Whitmore get's wind of it. Will he stop the boys in time?  Cassavetes hits it out of the park acting wise and Mineo would earn the nickname the "Switch Blade Kid" (S)

10. Tara – Day By Day
Prepare yourself for the K-pop Apocalypse! This 15 minute head spinner has everything: bouncy jams, motorcycles, sword fights, hot chicks, more sword fights, Mad Max-y motorized mayhem, bunny rabbits, and the end of the world. Tara is next level shit, man. (K)

9. Nuggets From The Golden State: The Hush Record Story
A small record label from the San Jose area puts out one of the best selling garage rock singles of all time: The Syndicate Of Sound's "Little Girl". Lot's of lost gems here including The Brougues, starring future Quick Silver members, with their monstrous "I ain't no Miracle Worker", later covered by The Chocolate Watchband, and The Diminished 5th with a weirdo, almost X sounding "Doctor Dear". Get it! (S)

8. Iggy Pop: A documentary
Pretty awesome and thorough examination of the Stooges era, mostly straight from the horses' mouths. You don't hear Iggy explain those bizarro days with such clarity very often. (K)

7. Slade - Play It Loud
After bombing as Ambrose Slade, they dropped the Ambrose and adopted a skin head, doc martin image and put out Play It Loud. Thus further alienating anyone in 1970 England who might be into buying records at the time. Gradually they donned the platforms and rainbow patchwork bells and went to the the top of pops, Play It Loud all but forgotten. I scored a copy for a buck and low and behold it rocks! It's punk as fuck at least seven years before there was such as being punk as fuck and I think they look cool as skinheads. (S)

6. The Banana Car
The Dirty Brothers (!) built a banana car. And now they're gonna travel all over this land in it, spreading peace and love and warning everybody about deep vein thrombosis (!). They really should have done
this in 1967, but better late than never. I can only hope there's a Saturday morning cartoon based on their adventures in the works. (K)

5. The Life Of Oharu
Death, dismemberment, prostitution, and suicide . All the hallmarks of a great Kenji Mizoguchi film. The story is based on a book from the sixteen hundreds but it's told with a proto- feminist heavy hand. Most of his films follow a similar theme, maybe because his older sister was sold into white slavery? We love porto-everything here on the AD. (S)

4. The History of Black Metal by Fenriz
This was originally a DVD extra from Until the Light Takes Us, the recent awesome/ridiculous black metal documentary. Fenriz – one half of 'second-wave' BM chuggernauts Darkthrone- puts chalk to chalkboard
and explains how Sabbath and Motorhead spawned a legion of church-burning creeps decades later. I know, you hate school, but this is one class you'll wanna pay attention to! (K)

3. Stamping Ground Rotterdam Festival 1970
For some reason growing up, my local video store had this on VHS and I used to rent it every other weekend. I thought it was widely available only to never see it again until the inter web age. It's got some great footage of Tyrannosaurus Rex, and the out-tastic freak out band Family. Really good Pink Floyd stuff from Saucerful era, it's too bad that some of the bands on the bill weren't included, instead of a plodding Canned Heat, and a sputtering, one winged,  Jefferson Airplane. But our buddy Al Stewart is featured!  (S)

2. 31 Flavors
The Firebirds were a studio band meant to conjure up fake heavy-psych in a Blue Cheer/Hendrix vein. They released an album that's almost as heavy and just as weird. Word is that 31 Flavors are also the
Firebirds in disguise, and this ultra-obscure album from '69 is full of mind-frying aggro-psych. Not bad for fakes. Bonus: Distortions of Darkness's metal riffing may or may not have predated Black Sabbath by
a couple months! (K)

1. Pussy Galore Live 1987
Reunited once again with all my Records, I dug out some old Pussy Galore. Before the Blues Explosion, before Royal Trux, there was this abomination. Some how I really enjoyed listening to it again. I don't why because it's profoundly unpleasant. (S)

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