Thursday, October 18, 2012

Top 13 (of the Week)

Sure,you know what's cool. But do you know what's really fuckin' FAR OUT? That's where Advanced Demonology comes in. Every week, (K)en and (S)wilson trudge through the murky waters of the pop culture hellscape, dredging up sparkly morsels of wonder. These are the result of our latest foray into the world of the weird, our wildest, wiggest-out picks of the week. Call it our 13 Point Program.

13. Sacred Alien 
I've been on an NWOBHM tear lately. The best NWOBHM is the most obscure NWOBHM. I don't know why, that's just the way it is. I used to see ads for Sacred Alien gigs in Kerrang! back in the early 80's. Sacred Alien? Sacred Alien?!  I think they used to wear make-up, like KISS. I didn't figure I'd ever actually hear them. You didn't get to hear everything in the world back then. Now you do. And what do you know? Sacred Alien are...well, a mess, but a fun one. Far as I know, they only ever released this single. (K)

12. Wicked Lady - The Axeman Cometh
The combination of Whiskey and LSD can only be the explanation for the stone grooves that emanate. Culled from demos and what not's from 1968 to 1972. British? I didn't bother to check but I'm taking a wild guess. It's Like a back woods black mass for lorry-drivers. (S)

11. Blank City
Swilson and I both wanted to be brooding NYC underground filmmaker Nick Zedd when we grew up. But who did Nick Zedd want to be? This excellent documentary traces the history of the "transgressive" super 8 film movement in NY to it's post-Waters 70's roots. It's filled with lots of vintage footage of Steve Buscemi and Vince Gallo and Debbie Harry acting in bullshit death hipster home movies in their early daze and interviews with all the heavy hitters. Really makes me want to make a Super 8 movie! (K)

10. Workin' Man Noise Unit
Speaking of lorry-drivers, run don't walk over to band camp and fork over your two pounds for these two releases. The most recent, Serious Power Hour and the almost just as recent, Drinkin' Stella to Make Music To Drink Stella to.  It's blasting no holds bar weirdo rock. A friday night of doom, gloom, noise, fun, sun,  dope, tits, ass, beer, hash, glam, guns, fucking in the streets and than back to work on monday morning. (S)

9. Huntress
I am sorry for this week's Top 13 being so metallic, but I've been writing a lot for Metal Hammer lately, so what the fuck, it rubs off. Anyway, heavy metal is at its best when it's at its most ridiculous, and Huntress is awesomely ridiculous. Thrashy power metal fronted by a woman in a barely-there superhero outfit? YES PLEASE. (K)

8. Neil Young & Crazy Horse Live At The Hollywood Bowl
Ok so it's not all obscurity here on Advanced Demonology. I love Neil Young and I wanted to go see him play with Crazy Horse and I wanted to go to the famous Hollywood Bowl. Neil was great. For a guy his age he's still got it in the voice and his guitar playing is amazingly psychedelic and searing. The band was full of energy and would blow away most bands half their age. The set was dominated by the newer stuff off of his upcoming Psychedelic Pill record. It's not all that inspiring and he's starting to rip himself off, maybe. So the songwriting is slipping a little. As for the Hollywood Bowl, nice place but made for classical music not rock and roll. It's too constraining with the orchestra seat set up, and it's tough to boogie down. Not that this audience wanted to boogie down, or get up on the good foot, or even bop till you drop. They seemed kinda pissed to be there? I don't go to many "arena" shows and this is going to be the last one for a long time. Nothing makes you feel more insignificant and part of the heard. Maybe that's good for the baby boomers but not for us Loner Rockers. (S)

7. French Accordion Music
The other day I picked up an album called Bal Musette by Andre Beauvois, His Accordion, and His Orchestra. It's got a couple dancing in a cafe on the cover. The guy's wearing a beret. The record cost me one dollar. I thought to myself, there is no way this record actually sounds like it does in my head. Then I brought it home, and it turns out it sounds EXACTLY like that. And now it is my favorite record of all time, and French Accordion Cafe Easy Listening (whatever you call it) is now, officially, where it's at. Break out the croissants and fromage,  c'est une bonne soirĂ©e! (K)

6. Dave Tarras - Yiddish-American Klezmer Music 1925-1956
This music speaks for itself and if you need an entry point into the ecstatic world of Klezmer than start with Dave Tarras. (S)

5. The Satanic Screen: An Illustrated Guide to the Devil in Cinema
This week's Advanced Demonology book club selection is Nikolas Schreck's exhaustive and authoritative guide to diabolical cinema. Packed with groovy photos, this unholy tome pretty much features every significant appearance of the devil in film up until it was published in 2001. Like many of Creation's books, it gets fairly academic in places, but what the fuck, where else are you going to find a whole chapter on Satanic silent movies from 1913-1929? Awesome stuff. As far as I know, it's out of print, but copies can be had on Amazon for about $25 and there's PDF's around. (K)

Mark B. Ledenbach is a serious Halloween collector. He runs a blog dedicated to help people find strange and exciting Halloween decorations from the past. His focus is mainly on the 1920's when Halloween wasn't a children's holiday it was for adults. So the decor form that time is particularly scary.  With it's dazzling gallery of pictures and it's informed histories I highly recommend browsing around this site even if you don't plan on buying anything. Scary eye popping stuff (S)

3. The 924 Gilman Street Project
Hardcore punk was the last non-commercial musical movement. Most of it was just a buzzy headache, but some of it was amazing (Misfits, Black Flag, Circle Jerks, DRI, DKs, GBH, Verbal Abuse, Discharge, Minor Threat, etc etc), and more importantly, it gave a whole lot of misfits and freaks something to believe in. the Maximum Rock n' Roll affiliated all-ages punk club Gilman Street is one of the longest-running, all-volunteer punk venues in operation, and if the spirit of hardcore punk is still alive, you can find it in there. This low-watt, high-energy doc is available from Jello Biafra's label. It's fun and informative and a lot easier than actually going to the club and getting kicked in the head by a 14 year old. (K)

924 Gilman St. Trailer New!

Scarred Films | Myspace Video

2. Timmy's Organism
My hip next door neighbor hipped me to this beautiful strangeness. Timmy Vulgar fronted some other weird rock bands and apparently is a well known artist. I don't know anything about that but Rise Of The Green Gorilla rules. (S)

1. Salem's Pot - Sweeden
This is a great way to spend the next 35 minutes. Just lay down on the floor and crank this until your mind snaps. (K)

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