Sunday, April 8, 2012

Advanced Demonology Podcast Episode 5

Greetings Demonologists, Earthlings,  and Groovy People everywhere and welcome to the Advanced Demonology podcast! This month's lesson: In Space, Everyone Can Hear You Scream!

Join cosmic retronauts Ken and Swilson as they journey to the furthest reaches of rock n' roll to bring you the greatest, weirdest, and most far-out space jams of all time! Four plus hours of space glam, space rock, space disco, space-billy, space-funk, and lots more!

Now strap on your space helmets and let's get real, real gone for a change!

Listen/Download HERE!


  1. I was a little out of it when we recored the podcast. It was 10am on a Saturday morning I didn't really wake up until about half way through. A few corrections: the UFO record I wanted to recommend is called "Force It" not "let it roll" that's the first song on the record. The Neil Merryweather record is called "Space Rangers" I think I called it space ace or somthin'
    .......sorry class.

  2. Just got back after downloading it at the university. Gonna listen to it now.

    In other news, the guy actually ripped Flush the Fashion from vinyl! Clones, Aspirin Damage, Nuclear Infected, oh yeah!

    Not to sound greedy but... come onnnn Special Forces!