Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Demons: Spencer Jacob

The Swilson band needs another member in the live Act. I would settle for a keyboard player who can double on electric guitar, or I would be into some wild haired, leather wristband wearing, acidhead who wants to Larry Wallis and Wayne Kramer himself all over the proverbial Polyester Shirt Polyester Pants. They gotta be the right fit for a band. They gotta share the Swilson blurred vision. I just assume that the more we play out the right man will come along. Chuck Berry on acid.

Sometimes for fun I comb the criagslist “musicians” page. It’s usually a really depressing task. With guys who want play in bands that are “serious” and “pro”. Sometimes you come across an incredible manifesto that someone writes about being in a band. Like if Carl Marx had written a book on the philosophy of what a band should be. I thought of copying some of them into a word document and putting them up on the blog because they can be amazingly entertaining.

Rarely in my search on criagslist do I find a great record? Spencer Jacob moved down here to Los Angeles from San Francisco and he’s looking for some cats to play with. He included in the ad a link to a record he made called Never Home. It's an authentic slab of loner, downer folk, that would fit into any Advanced Demonology podcast very nicely. The songs are simple and to the point. Mostly acoustic with just the right amount of electric freek out when needed. I doubt Spencer Jacob is the Larry Wallis I’ve been looking for, He has a will all is own worth checking out.


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